I Might Be Gay, But Please Don't Call Me Your 'Gay Best Friend'

In pop culture, gay guys are seen to be almost saintly -- these mythical helpers who come into your life and make you feel better about yourself.

Psst, GOP: Here's The Not-So-Secret Secret To Getting The Youth Vote

As we go into the new year and get ready for a slew of primaries and caucuses, remember that we hold the keys to a successful campaign.

15 Secrets To Winning Life That I Learned In 2015

#6: DJ Khaled really does give the best advice. They don't want us to eat breakfast. I promise you.

I'm Allowed To Feel Sad Around The Holidays -- And You Are, Too

I am a shameless addict of Christmas television specials, green bean casseroles and, of course, winter break. However, this year, I couldn’t be more excited for it to be completely over.

My Father Died After Being A 9/11 First Responder. This Is What The Zadroga Act Means To Me

My dad passed away not in a burning building but in a quiet hospital bed in the Bronx. The air at Ground Zero had proven deadly.

7 Last-Minute Gifts To Get Your Super Stylish BFF

YouTube star Meg DeAngelis has got you covered.

An Open Letter To Today’s 14-Year-Old Girls, From 19-Year-Old Me

I hope you write in a diary instead of all over the internet, because when you dig that baby up a few years later, you’ll have some noteworthy moments to look back on.

I'm 13 And Donald Trump Becoming President Scares The Crap Out Of Me

I'm scared not only for myself, but also for my generation and the future of our great nation.

My Education Taught Me To Question The World -- And Everyone Deserves That Same Opportunity

We as a society are always saying the youth is "our future," but how can we expect children from other countries to grow up to be instrumental in solving their countries' problems?

My Chronic Illness Forced Me To Attend College Online -- And It Was The Best Decision I Could Have Made

Just because I am living at home while doing my essays, tests and projects, does not mean I am worthless.

What It Felt Like To Be At College, 10 Miles Away From The San Bernardino Shootings

For the first time in my college experience, I felt genuinely scared to be on campus.

Epilepsy Didn't Stop Me From Becoming A Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

I look back and think, “If I did not have this condition would I be a different person?” The truth is, I would not be who I am today if I did not have epilepsy.

Stoya, James Deen And The Way Sex Work Stigma Hurts Survivors

A sex work activist on why it's so important to believe Stoya.

Dear Kylie Jenner, My Wheelchair Isn't A Limitation -- It's My Wings

There you were, on the cover of a magazine being published to a country that absolutely adores you. Here I was, completely invisible.

Here’s What It’s Like To Be The Sibling Of An Adoptee

"I was six at the time and everything is a blur, but I’ll never forget watching my father come off the plane carrying a gigantic bundle of blue blankets."

I Thought Hearing From My Birth Mother Would Be Magical -- And Then It Wasn't

You can Google "what to say, birth parent, first time, email" but let me save you the trouble -- you're not going to find any useful advice.

How A Girl Wearing A Black Sundress And Smudged Lipstick Taught Me I Was Worthy Of Friendship

Take it from me — an ordinary 15 year-old girl with brown hair and wide hips. You will find your Lexi. It does get better.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Being Genderqueer

...and get through the holidays with your family.

I Identify As Gender-Fluid -- Here's What That Means

"Everyone always asks which gender I identify as, and I just answer with a simple, 'Why not both?'"

What I Want You To Know During Transgender Awareness Week

"Although we have come very far and accomplished very amazing milestones, there is still a long, hard road for the transgender community."

Paris, Beirut And Mizzou: Yes, We Can Care About Multiple Injustices At Once

Our reaction reveals how narrowly we’ve defined our sense of community, how little we’ve used our empathy.

3 Ways For Dealing With Grief, From Someone Who Lost A Parent As A Teenager

"Death is natural -- but that’s precisely why we should be open to talking about it."

What It's Like To Be A Different Race Than Your Parents

"I look at races as if they don't matter -- much like my parents look at me like their real son and I look at them as my real parents."

As A Young Trans Man, I Still Don’t See Myself In TV Shows Or Movies -- But I’m No Longer Waiting To

"I, like many activists, do what I do because seeing someone like myself as a kid would have made life a lot easier."