The 2016 Grammy Dark Horses, Snubs And Sure Things

The Weeknd and Taylor Swift lead all Grammy nominees, but we have our eye on dark horses and shoo-ins like Elle King, Kehlani, Diplo and Big Sean.

Obama's Call For More Gun Control To Fight Terrorism Slammed By GOP Presidential Candidates

A.M. Click: Republican candidates slam Obama's prime-time speech calling for gun control, former Pres. Carter says he's cancer free, Justice Dept. to investigate Chicago Police and U2 honor Paris during show.

Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week: Yup, Donald Trump Actually Said All These Things

Another all-Trump edition, focusing on his continuing 9/11 celebration charade and made up figures about Syrian refugees.

This Is How Hard It Is To Get A Gun In Other Countries

How do other nations curb gun violence and keep lethal weapons out of the hands of those who might use them to kill?

Scott Weiland: A Ranter, A Rocker And A Fighter

Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland died on Thursday and we remember his magnetic personality and troubled personal life.

Congressional Republicans Refuse To Discuss New Gun Legislation After San Bernardino Massacre

A.M. Click: Republicans in Congress refused to take up new gun legislation in light of San Bernardino massacre, the name of the victims in that mass shooting and parents in New Jersey mad about late notice on an alleged bomb plot at a grade school.

Chinese Scientists Are Building A Human Cloning Factory

A Chinese company says it's building a giant factory where it plans to clone humans, but a bioethicist tells MTV News that the science is not nearly there.

Just Lick Every Chip, Because Double-Dipping Is Basically A Bacteria Party

Making small talk at holiday parties is bad enough for most people -- but what if some stranger just went ahead and shoved their whole mouth into the hummus right before you even got a dip? Scientists can confirm that, yeah, it's super gross.

After San Bernardino Massacre, There Hasn't Been One Week Without A Mass Shooting Since 2013

A.M. Click: After Wednesday's shootings in San Bernardino and Georgia there have been more mass shootings than days of the year in 2015, Oscar Pistorius was charged with murder and Texas has sued to block Syrian refugees.

Harvard Law Might Ditch Its Iconic Seal Because Of Its Ties To Slavery

Harvard Law is considering doing away with its logo due to its ties to an 18th century slavemaster.

If You Hate Your Teeth Keep Drinking That Diet Soda

A new Australian study found that sugar-free soda is terrible for your teeth.

Officer In Tamir Rice Killing Claims He Repeatedly Shouted 'Show Me Your Hands'

Loneliness Can, Literally, Make You Super Sick

A new study shows that loneliness can cause serious harm to your immune system.

There Is No Such Thing As A 'Female' Or 'Male' Brain

A new study shows that brains are not all female or all male, but a mosaic that has extensive overlap between the sexes.

Check Out A Guerrilla Art Group's Great Takedown Of Corporate Sponsors At The Paris Climate Talks

Guerrilla art group Brandalism has plastered Paris with more than 600 fake ads criticizing the sponsors of the Paris climate change talks.

Officer In Laquan McDonald Case Makes Bail As Questions Arise Over Missing Security Tape

A.M. Click: The officer charged in the Laquan McDonald case made bail on Monday, Ithaca College students voted 'no confidence' on their school president and a man was arrested in the Univ. of Chicago online threat.

How Adele Broke The Music Biz By Going Back To The Future

Adele is a throwback pop star who comes off like she's 1950s but is crushing the game right now like nobody else.

LiFi Is Just Like WiFi, Except It’s Super Fast, Totally Secure And Uses LED Lightbulbs

LiFi is a new technology that uses LED bulbs to create super-fast, secure WiFi connections and a leading scientist tells MTV News it could change the way we use our phones.

University Of Chicago Closed Today Due To Gun Violence Threat

A.M. Click: University of Chicago closed Monday (Nov. 30) due to online gun threat, Colorado PP shooting suspect in court and critical global climate talks begin in Paris.

The 7 Coolest Movie-Themed Bars You Need To Visit On Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving eve is a huge bar night and since everyone goes to the movies over the holiday, we give you the 7 coolest movie-themed watering holes to check out this week.

Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week: The Syrian Refugee Freakout Edition

In 'Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week' we focus on Jeb Bush's Christian religious test, Donald Trump's made up data and Ben Carson's terrible map skills.

Chicago Police Ordered To Release Dashcam Vid Of Teen Shooting

A.M. Click: Chicago police ordered to release dashcam vid of teen's shooting, 3 dead in Mali terror attack at hotel and House votes to pause Syrian refugee program.

Paris Terror Attack Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud Confirmed Dead

Officials confirmed that the suspected leader of Friday's terror attack in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed during a raid on Wednesday.

Teenage Sisters Missing Since 2013 Found Safe On Minnesota Farm

A.M. Click: Two teenage Minnesota sisters missing since 2013 were found safe on Wednesday at a horse farm, Minneapolis protesters clashed with police over the Jamar Clark case and ISIS is second deadliest terror group on the planet.