The Arrangement: The Truth (About TomKat) Is Stranger Than Fiction

E!'s new show about an actress in a publicity marriage with a member of a mysterious church (hint, hint) is nowhere near as interesting as the real thing

Hasan Minhaj, The Very Angry Optimist

The ‘Daily Show’ correspondent on the Stewart-to-Noah transition, staying positive in an ugly world, and doing his best to not embarrass his parents

Searching For The Queen Of Gross-Out Comedy

A golden age of female body humor is upon us, and we hope it never ends. Vote in the polls below and help us determine TV’s queen of gross.

The Americans: A Superb Tragedy

With a final season still to go, and the collapse of the USSR imminent, the Jenningses will be forced to come to terms with the fact that they’ve sacrificed everything for the losing team

What Ever Happened To Older Women In Hollywood?

‘Feud’ is beautifully shot and designed, but Ryan Murphy keeps banging on with the one tune he knows: how terrible it must be to be an aging woman

Daria Morgendorffer: The Cynical, Sarcastic Outsider Who Let You Feel Like An Insider

Twenty years later, ‘Daria’ holds up as the beacon of ’90s angst that helped so many get through four years of existential hell on earth — high school

Feud’s Sacred Monsters

Film critic Farran Smith Nehme talks Joan and Bette, Hollywood, and why Ryan Murphy just can’t believe that any older woman is — gasp! — happy

When We Rise Never Quite Stands Up

The miniseries’ depiction of the HIV/AIDS crisis doesn’t do justice to the bravery, imagination, and hard work that went into making that progress a reality

The Perfect Movie Theater Food Is Not Popcorn, Dummy, It’s Dumplings

And they should be sold at every concession counter in every theater in the goddamn world

Girls: American Dick

Lena Dunham's latest episode is a meditation on power, sexual assault, and misogyny

Big Little Lies: Like The Housewives Of Monterey, We Are Living For This Drama

HBO's riveting new miniseries is as full of petty bitchiness and smart insights about violence as a glass of chilled Chardonnay

The Missing Season 2 Is Missing, You Know, An Actual Story

A dark and twisty drama that ultimately goes nowhere and makes us feel nothing

Legion Could Be One Of The Best Shows Of The Year

In a TV landscape crowded with mediocrity, FX‘s new superhero show is firmly planted in a weird, wild world of its own

Oklahoma City Documentary: White Supremacy, Then And Now

It’s time to abandon the classic ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist narrative

For These Things To Happen On Jane The Virgin, Let Us Pray

Following the show’s shocking death, here are five things we hope to see

Let Your Shriek Flag Fly: In Praise Of Yell TV

From John Oliver's freakouts to Billy Eichner's tantrums, this year arm yourself with the loudest, most obnoxious, most cathartic shows on television

Netflix’s Quietly Beautiful, Underappreciated Imperial Dreams

A stirring portrait of a young black man’s struggle to embrace softness when the world tells him he has to be hard to survive

Santa Clarita Diet And The Queen Of Puke-Comedy

With terrible jokes, pokey pacing, and a mostly lost Drew Barrymore, Netflix’s new show is as stultifying as being trapped in the ’burbs

Nerd Alert: The Rise Of The Female Nerd

From Lisa Simpson to Issa Dee, there’s never been a better time on TV for women who are geeks

Z: The Beginning of Everything: The Bullshit Artist's Wife

Amazon's sparkly, slow-moving show is nearly as dull and cringe-inducing as it is engaging and insightful

Mary Tyler Moore, The Everyday Trailblazer

As Mary Richards, she proved over and over that there’s more than one way to fight for and defend women

Tom Hanks, Dirt On Face, Some Dead Horses: Welcome To Dad-Movie Bingo

Add a too-soon dramatization of a real-life tragedy, and you’ve got bingo!

On Top Of Everything Else, Here Are Five Shows Trump Has Officially Ruined

‘Shark Tank’ will now bring you more pain than joy

Baskets’s Second Season Sends In The Clowns

The hilarious, often heartbreaking show continues its superb run