Hey, Before You Exit? Not To Be All Creepy, But We're Becoming Seriously Obsessed With You

One way to cope with the Jonas Brothers breakup? Get to know up-and-coming pop-rock band of brothers, Before You Exit!

The World Is A Little Better Now That You Can FINALLY Listen To BROODS' Self-Titled EP

Listen to BROODS' self-titled EP! Because it's a total synth-pop masterpiece and you won't be able to stop listening.

Watch Timeflies' Skater-Themed 'All The Way' Lyric Video To Rev You Up Until The Official Video Drops

Watch Timeflies' sk8terboi-centric 'All The Way' lyric video because we know you're DYING for the official one.

Watch Ingrid Michaelson's Perfectly Gender-Bending 'Girls Chase Boys' Video

Ingrid Michaelson ups her video game with a take on Robert Palmer's classic "Addicted To Love" video -- with guys and girls backing up her track.

Selena Gomez Finds Inner Peace, And We'll Have Whatever She's Having!

Selena Gomez shares a photo of her meditating, and it's inspired us to light a serenity candle RIGHT NOW.

Allen Stone's 'Million' Is A Lovely Reminder That There's Still Some Perfect Left In The World

Watch Allen Stone remind us that he's not a human but an actual Earth angel with his live performance of "Million," from his upcoming major label debut, due out this summer.

BANKS' Haunting New Track 'Brain' Is Exactly Where This Electro-Pop Gem Will Live Forever

Our obsession with BANKS continues thanks to "Brain," the "This Is What It Feels Like" singer's new release off of her debut studio album.

Lady Gaga Visited Britney Spears' Vegas Show, BBQ-Filled Impromptu Pop Diva Summit Commenced

Lady Gaga caught Britney Spears' Vegas show, ate BBQ made by Brit's dad, and we are in a full pop star Stan blackout.

Kevin And Danielle Jonas’ Baby Photo Is As Perfect As You’d Imagine

Kevin and Danielle Jonas shared the first photo of their new baby, Alena Rose Jonas, and it's literally an adorbz overload!

Austin Mahone Throws A Wild '70s-Themed Rager In His 'MMM Yeah' Lyric Video

Travel back in time to the 1970s thanks to Austin Mahone's new disco-fied lyric video for "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull.

Get Ready, NYC! Macklemore And A Plane Full Of Seahawks Fans Are Headed To The Super Bowl!

Get ready, New York and New Jersey. Macklemore and a plane full of Seattle Seahawks fans are headed your way for the Super Bowl.

Miley Cyrus Has A Matchy-Matchy BFF Moment With Jay Leno

Did you get the memo? Miley Cyrus and Jay Leno apparently did, as they both wore matching denim outfits to "The Tonight Show."

Watch Paramore Legit Break, Like, A Bunch Of World Records In Their 'Ain't It Fun' Video

Smashing clocks with guitars? Walking backward blindfolded with stuffed animals? Watch Paramore break the most random world records in the "Ain't It Fun" video.

Go Behind The Scenes Of Shakira And Rihanna's Steamy 'Can't Remember To Forget You' Video

Can't wait for Shakira and Rihanna to drop their "Can't Remember To Forget You" video tonight? US NEITHER. At least we can watch this behind-the-scenes clip until then...

9 Swaggiest Moments in Justin Bieber's 'Confident' Video Featuring Chance The Rapper

Let's cound down all the swagged-out moments in Justin Bieber's new "Confident" video -- IF YOUR HEART CAN HANDLE IT, that is.

Ummm, Is That A Rattail We Spy Poking Out Of Demi Lovato's Pink Hair?!

We obvs love your new neon pink hair, Ms. Demi Lovato. But one question: Is that a rattail we see, or are you just happy to see us?

Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Could Mean Anything, But What About These Post-It Note-Filled Photos?

Hmm, Lady Gaga shared a ton of Post-it note-plastered photos on LittleMonsters.com? Let's investigate what this could all mean for the "Do What U Want" singer!

We Hope Tegan & Sara's 'Don't Find Another Love' Soundtracks A SERIOUS Makeout Scene In 'Endless Love'

Yeah, Tegan & Sara's "Don't Find Another Love" from the "Endless Love" soundtrack is the song we're gonna play when we dream about Alex Pettyfer. DON'T JUDGE.

Rihanna Mugs It Up With... The Cast Of 'Full House'?!

Rihanna kicked it with John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier of "Full House" fame on "Good Morning America," and they didn't invite us. How rude!

Video Premiere: Watch Kaskade And Project 46's Epically Cinematic 'Last Chance' Video

Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade teamed up with Project 46 to craft the epically pulsating "Last Chance." Now, the track's been given a super-dramatic video to match.

A Great Big World Sang 'Say Something' With The PS22 Chorus, And Your Heart Will MELT!

Watch A Great Big World sing their hit single, "Say Something," with the kids of the PS22 Chorus -- that is, if you want your heart to melt forever.

Listen To Emily King's 'Distance,' Then Prepare To Fall Eternally In Love With Her

Get to know one of our favorite up-and-coming soul singers, Emily King, and listen to her utterly GORG new song, "Distance."

Prepare To Ugly-Cry While Listening To We Are The In Crowd's New Song, 'Windows In Heaven'

Listen to We Are The In Crowd's super-beautiful, SUPER-SAD new record, "Windows In Heaven," off of their forthcoming "Weird Kids" LP.

Watch Tori Kelly's Surprise 'Right There' Duet With Ariana Grande + Her Entire 'Artist To Watch Live' Set

Tori Kelly's "MTV Artist To Watch Live" set included insane vocal acrobatics on "Dear No One" and a surprise "Right There" duet with Ariana Grande!