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What Does Christian Netflix Want From Us?

Pure Flix, the Christian version of Netflix, offers thousands of movie and TV titles free of sex, drugs, and ‘immodestly dressed teens.’ So ... can I get pure if I watch enough pure stuff?

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The ‘Little Dog’s Day’ Spent A Night With Kim Cattrall: Celebrating The Greatest YouTube Clip Of All Time

The THNK1994 museum honors Kim Cattrall with an exhibit devoted to her slam poetry video ‘Yama Kippi Yay Bo.’ You know the one.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Refuses To Say The F-Word

During a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival, cast and crew were visibly uncomfortable when asked about the show’s feminist and political message


Aparna Nancherla

Lady Problems: Men, Stay Out Of It!!! Edition

‘Alexa, are you a feminist?’ ‘Yes, I am a feminist.’

Some Animals Are Good And Some Are Bad: What I Learned From Planet Earth II

You can, and should, judge nature

No Offense, But What Is Donnie Darko?

The iconic ’00s film of your angst-ridden teenage years makes perfect no sense. Here is a comprehensive guide to what the hell is really going on.

During The Apocalypse, Is A Nancy Meyers Kitchen Still White?

As our reality inches toward a real-life ‘Blade Runner,’ we present you with several typically cheery directors and the nightmare films they could (and should) be making


Durga Chew-Bose

Lady Problems: The Men Have Lost Their Minds

Have you downloaded Jeremy Renner’s Goop yet?

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MTV News chatted with Dern about the ‘Twin Peaks’ reboot, her new movie ‘Wilson,’ and how on earth she manages to say ‘Amabella’ with a straight face

Did A Man Write That?

In honor of the recent Selena Gomez ‘Vogue’ profile, take our quiz to see if you can figure out when a man is writing about a woman, a woman is writing about a woman, or Rob Haskell is being a horndog


In Praise Of Kristen Stewart

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Lady Problems: Emma Watson And The Great Underboob Reckoning of 2017

Plus: Believe women. Believe women believe women believe women believe women believe women believe wom—



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