Son Of The Year Justin Bieber Shares Selfie Spotlight With Mom

Even if Justin Bieber's Instagram selfie with mom Pattie Mallette is a preemptive "I didn't forget Mother's Day!" gift, it's still totally cute.

This Adam Lambert 'Smoking' Photo Is Pretty Self-Explanatory

This Instagram photo of Adam Lambert standing under a "Smoking" sign is the literal embodiment of our #feelings for the "Whataya Want from Me" singer.

Nick Jonas Is Getting Even More Buff For 'Navy St,' As If That's Humanly Possible

Ummm, has Nick Jonas gotten even MORE buff for his role as an MMA fighter on DirecTV's "Navy St"? But, like, is it even humanly possible?!

Super-Pregnant Ciara’s Super-Pregnant Easter

FYI, very pregnant Ciara's Easter is filled with dapper bunnies, ice cream, and a massive baby bump! (So basically, she's Super Woman.)

Watch Katy Perry Read An Easter Book To Dog Butters Because CUTE

Katy Perry read a book to her dog Butters on Easter because the "Dark Horse" singer is trying to do her part for puppy literacy. JK, it's just the most adorable thing ever!

At Sunset's 'Back In Time' Video Will Melt You Into A Puddle Of Swoon

Meet Australian boy band At Sunset, and check out their "Back In Time" video -- that is, unless you hate cute guys with flawless hair and adorable accents who play the guitar.

Leisure Suit Jared Leto Proves He's Not Jesus

This Instagram photo might prove that Jared Leto's not Jesus, but still, the fact that the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman's pulling off this leisure suit is a miracle unto itself!

Justin Bieber Asks SOMEONE 'Don't You Know Me Anymore'

Did you see that Instagram caption? Why does Justin Bieber think we don't know him anymore? Maybe he's asking Selena Gomez? What about LIl Za? BB, we just want some answers!

Beyonce Thanks You For Flying Air Yonce

Because we basics can take the bus, Beyoncé only flies in the most flawless of private jets. Doesn't this Instagram photo make you wish that Air Yoncé were real?

Taylor Swift Is The Human Embodiment Of Spring

Taylor Swift walks the streets of New York City like a pastel vision of spring, despite all this unseasonal weather. Hmmm, did she pay off Mother Nature or something?

Paris Hilton & Lana Del Rey Were BFF-Ing At Coachella -- Without Us!

Who knew that Paris Hilton and Lana Del Rey became Coachella BFFs for the day? Oh right, probably EVERYONE AT COACHELLA. If you need us, we'll be pouting in the corner.

Cody Simpson's 'Surfboard' Video Totally Makes Up For 'DWTS' Elimination

Cody Simpson might have been eliminated on "Dancing With The Stars," but he wins at life with this sultry new video for "Surfboard."

OMG! Is Nicki Minaj's 'Other Woman' Cast Selfie #NoFilter?!

Nicki Minaj took a selfie with "The Other Woman" castmates Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, and we think this flawlessness might be #NoFilter...

Beyonce Posts Up With Jay Z, Dances With Solange, Wins Coachella

Sorry, everyone else at Coachella! Beyoncé won that music festival. Check out photos of her dancing with Solange, rocking grillz, and posing with Jay Z.

7 Firm Reminders Of Jared Leto's Blatant MTV Movie Awards Flawlessness

From winning Best On-Screen Transformation to flipping his hair with NO HANDS, Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars DOMINATED the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Ellie Goulding & Zedd's MTV Movie Awards Performance Gave Us So Much Life

Ellie Goulding and Zedd perform songs from the "Divergent" soundtrack during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Beyonce Played Golf In A Bikini On, Like, Secret Celebrity Vacation Island

While on vacation somewhere gorgeous, Beyoncé played a couple holes of golf in a bikini. These might be the most flawless photos we've ever seen. We'll keep you updated.

We'd Never Say Never To Justin Bieber's Shirtless Pleasure Cruise

Oh my God, these photos of Justin Bieber lounging shirtless on a boat named the "Never Say Never." Can someone come fan us? Anyone? Please?

Open Air Stereo's 'Damned' Video Is Your New Inspo For Everything

Open Air Stereo's new "Damned" video will make you want to go out and get stuff done -- just remember to put on pants first.

Ariana Grande Got A Dog Hug, Which Is Better Than A Human Hug Because Dog

Along with being an adorable mush of chocolate-brown fur, Ariana Grande's dog Ophelia gives the best dog-hugs we've ever seen -- not that we've seen too many, unfortunately.

The Summer Set's 'Lightning In A Bottle' Video Is Giving Us So Much Life

Totally done after this most brutal of winters? Watch The Summer Set's new video for "Lightning In A Bottle" to feel that warm-weather glow.

Jared Leto's Extreme Close-Up Is Perfect For Kissing Practice

We suggest using this FLAWLESS photo of Jared Leto for kissing practice! What, don't act like you don't do this already with every one of the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman's Instagrams.

Beyonce Shares All-Natural Selfie, Wins Everything -- The End!

Beyoncé shared a gorgeously happy, makeup-free selfie on Instagram with her natural curls blowing in the wind. If this kind of pretty hurts, SLAP US NOW.

Joe Jonas Fulfills Our Dream Of Meeting An Actual Bird-Dog

Wait, does this Instagram photo mean that Joe Jonas hung out with an IRL bird-dog? Someone call Animal Planet to investigate, STAT.