Does This Selena Gomez Picture Perfectly Sum Up Sexism In Hollywood?

The double standards of Hollywood seem clear in this image of Selena Gomez with actors from "Hotel Transylvania 2."

This Nursing Home Preschool Shows You Can Be BFFs At Any Age

The documentary "Present Perfect" explores a building that's both a preschool and a nursing home for the elderly.

You Can Now Take An STD Test With An App

You can now use an app to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Is It Possible For Trans Kids To Transition Too Soon?

18-year-old Kat Boone tells the New York Times that her transition is great for her, but doctors debate what ages would be best to transition.

13 Things To Know About Donald Trump, Who Just Announced He's Running For President

Donald Trump has announced that he is running for president.

Michigan Approves Legislation To Keep Gays From Adopting

Governor Rick Snyder signed a new law into Michigan that lets faith-based adoption agencies deny people based on their religious beliefs.

One Fourth Of People Are Anti-Semitic - What Would Anne Frank Think?

On Anne Frank's eighty-sixth birthday, the ADL and Anne Frank House discuss anti-Semitism today.

This Presidential Candidate Said Gay Rights Aren't The Same As Civil Rights

Ben Carson said he called being gay a "choice" because he was irritated by comparisons between marriage equality and civil rights.

Can't Afford An IUD Or The Pill? Help Is Closer Than You Think

Senator Patty Murray and an Afaxys and Bayer Healthcare partnership are working to make birth control pills and IUDs, respectively, more accessible to women.

Hillary Clinton Posted Her First Instagram And It's Further Proof She's In On The Joke

Hillary Clinton has joined Instagram and her first picture has a fashion pun.

After The McKinney Pool Party, The Creator Of #SafeBlackGirls Calls For Change

After the incidents in McKinney, Texas, #safeblackgirls began trending on Twitter.

Did Penn State Ignore This Student's Claims Of Abuse And Sexual Assault, Even Though There Was A Facebook Page To Prove It?

The Kappa Delta Rho fraternity chapter at Penn State University is being rocked by scandals as a former member is suing the college and frat for abuse and 38 members are being expelled.

Not Getting Paid For Overtime? Obama Wants To Change That

The Department of Labor is thinking about raising the overtime threshold. How will this affect incomes?

Here's How Faking Their Résumés Helped These Girls Receive An Education

Salaam Bombay did a project with fake resumes to show the importance of girls having access to education.

We Spotted These Celebs #WearingOrange For National Gun Violence Awareness Day, And They Look Gooood

Celebrities like Sarah Silverman, Perez Hilton and others are going orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

15 Facts About Gun Violence That Will Have You Wearing Orange Tomorrow

Friends of Hadiya Pendleton are asking people to wear orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

If We Want Women And Girls To Be Successful, We're Going To Need To Talk About Periods

Advocates for Youth and THINX want this Menstrual Hygiene Day to be a time to talk about how menstrual hygiene management is a human right.

13 Things You Should Know About George Pataki, Who Just Announced He's Running For President

Former Governor of New York George Pataki is running for president and he's more to the left than his cohorts.

The U.N. Wants To Change The World By 2030. Can Comics Help?

Comics Uniting Nations wants to help the United Nations meet their sustainability goals.

12 Beach Reads For Social Justice Warriors

Here are 12 newly released books for young people that cover everything from Civil Rights to human trafficking to women in STEM and beyond.

Endangered Species Impacted By Oil Spill Off Santa Barbara Coast

Maggie Hall of the Environmental Defense Center talks about how to take action after the Santa Barbara oil spill.

Here's How The Scouts Are Changing LGBTQ Policies To Get With The Times

A petition against the Girl Scouts wants them to stop allowing transgender girls, and the Boy Scouts is willing to allow some LGBT leadership.

In Historic Vote, High School Names Student With Special Needs Prom Queen

Students at Southridge High School worked together to make sure special needs student Katie Shipley could be crowned prom queen.

Jury Sentences Dzhokhar Tsarnaev To Death For Boston Marathon Bombing

On Friday, May 15, 2015, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death for his involvement in the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed 3 people and injured more than 200.