Adventure Club's 'Wonder' Video: Take A Ride Through An EDM Winter Tragedy

Watch a snow-filled biker tragedy unfold in Canadian EDM duo Adventure Club's new "Wonder" video.

Boy & Bear Go Pyro, Torch A Dollhouse In 'Bridges' Video

Hide your matches, hide your dolls! Australian folk-rock band Boy & Bear play with fire in their new video for "Bridges."

MTV Artist To Watch: Meet A Great Big World, Watch Them Perform 'Say Something' Live & Download 'I Really Want It' Free

Get to know MTV Artist To Watch A Great Big World, watch the piano-pop duo perform "Say Something" (sans Christina Aguilera) and "Already Home" live, and more.

twenty one pilots Covered 'Mad World,' And We're Not Mad At All

MUST. LISTEN. Watch twenty one pilots' cover the "Donnie Darko" soundtrack classic, "Mad World," before they perform at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday!

The Julie Ruin Spread Punk Love Worldwide In 'Just My Kind' Video

Watch The Julie Ruin globe-hop from Australia to New York in their super-silly, super-sweet new video for "Just My Kind." Don't miss Kathleen Hanna's epic ocean selfie moment!

You Really Need To Listen To The Used's 'Imaginary Enemy' Album

The Used's sixth studio album, "Imaginary Enemy," is streaming right now over Pandora, and it's AMAZING. Here's why you've gotta listen to this alt-rock LP now.

Tangerine Deliver The Indie-Pop Of Your Pacific Northwest Dreams With 'Nothing Better'

Seattle quartet Tangerine unveil "Nothing Better," the most amazingly adorable slice of indie-pop you'll devour all week.

Asher Roth Chills Out, Grows Up In His Disco-Throwback 'Tangerine Girl' Video

Watch "I Love College" rapper Asher Roth's chilled-out, indie-influenced new-ish video for "Tangerine Girl." Just try not to jam to this retro, roller rink-friendly track.

The Buzz On: Meg Myers, Whose NSFW 'Desire' Video Might Scare The Crap Out Of You

Get to know Meg Myers, a Los Angeles singer with a dark, dramatic sound. Don't believe us? Watch her "Desire" video -- it makes Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" look like child's play.

Video Premiere: Feeling Low? Hunter Hayes' 'Invisible' Will Get You Through Today

Watch as down-on-their-luck people triumph over a bad day thanks to the message in Hunter Hayes' "Invisible" video.

Woman's Hour Take You On An Emotional, Sign-Language Journey In Their 'Her Ghost' Video

The London-based Woman's Hour pairs their gripping song, "Woman's Hour," with a powerfully stirring video, which features the emotive signing of actress Vilma Jackson.

Watch Magic Man Perform A Vanishing Act In Their Surreal 'Paris' Video

Magic Man's first-ever video, "Paris," has it all: synth-pop hooks, a mystical forest, and, erm, "creative" yoga inspo from some very unusual dancers.

Pentatonix Cover 'Say Something,' We Feel All The Feelings

Watch "Sing-Off" winners Pentatonix give A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's a ***flawless a cappella "Say Something" makeover.

Watch SOHN Shut Down A City Block In His Slo-Mo 'Artifice' Video

Vienna-based electro-pop producer SOHN shows off some slo-mo action and a stunning voice in his new video for "Artifice."

MTV Artist To Watch: Get To Know Bastille, Watch The London Anthem-Rockers Perform 'Pompeii' + Download A Live Version Of 'Flaws'

Check out Bastille, the U.K. synthpop-rock band that's blowing up, well, EVERYWHERE, and watch live performances of "Pompeii," "Bad Blood," and more.

New Politics Hit The Dance Floor With Magic Man's Synthy 'Harlem' Remix

Boston's Magic Man give New Politics' "Harlem" the EDM reboot it deserves. Listen to the remix, here.

Song Premiere: Bad Things Drop 'Lonely Eyes' Just In Time For Shaun White's Olympic Gig

Listen to Bad Things' dreamy "Lonely Eyes," just in time for the band's debut album -- not to mention member Shaun White's Olympic trip to Russia.

Barcelona Brings The '80s Electro-Paranoia With Their Excellent New Track, 'Paper Lion'

Hear Seattle indie trio Barcelona's spooky, synthy new love song, "Paper Lion."

London Grammar's Beautiful Acoustic Jam 'Everywhere You Go' Is The Stuff All The #Feels Are Made Of

Hear London Grammar go acoustic on gorgeous ballad "Everywhere You Go."

Video Premiere: Echosmith Get Intimate In Their 'Surround You' Video

See the Los Angeles four-piece deliver an emotional performance of the "Talking Dreams" ballad.

We Are The Brave Hit The Strip Club, Start A Biker Fight In Their Synth-y 'Sparrow' Video

Watch the Australian synth-pop duo bring their anthem to a down-under strip club.

Video Premiere: The Moth & The Flame Go Nuclear In 'Sorry'

Watch the Los Angeles band's explosive, mannequin-filled vision of the 1950s in their "Sorry" video.

Video Premiere: Jon Sandler's 'Stars Align' With Janice Dickinson In This Racy, Romantic Clip

Watch Brooklyn musician Jon Sandler pull a Dustin Hoffman at the supermodel's wedding in the "Stars Align" video.

Video Premiere: Dinner And A Suit Embrace The Elements, 'Captain Planet'-Style, In 'Heartbreak'

Watch the Nashville band summon the power of the elements in the breakup anthem.