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Trayvon Martin's Mom Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Michael Brown's Family

Trayvon Martin's mother pens an emotional letter to Michael Brown's family.

Christian Bale Welcomes Second Child With Wife Sibi

Christian Bale and wife Sibi have welcomed their second child.

President Obama Speaks On Ferguson Protests: 'We Must Listen And Not Just Shout'

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Hilary Duff Is 'All About You' On Her New Single

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Robin Williams Dead At 63

Robin Williams was found dead on Monday at the age of 63.

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Austin Mahone's VMAs Will Be A Giant Game Of Truth Or Dare

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Kim Kardashian Changes Her Name, And Makes It Official With A Hot New Passport Photo

Kim Kardashian formally changed her name.

Katy Perry Wins Everything: President Obama Just Called Her 'One Of My Favorite People'

President Obama called Katy Perry "one of my favorite people" at a White House dinner on Thursday night.

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