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'South Park' Has A Legit Point With Their 'Drink Responsibly' Parody Ad

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Scientists Prove The Flash Would Actually Be A Killer Supervillain

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Firefighter Resigns After Having Tons Of Sex All Over The Station

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A Dating Site Catfished Its Own Users And Got Fined $616,000

Attracted to your matches? Too bad, because they don't exist.

Police Arrest Man For Animal Sex Video, But It Was Just A Tiger Costume

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What It's Like When You Can't Stop Pulling Out Your Hair

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Melanie Iglesias' Storm Costume Brings Heat To Halloween

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Drunk Guy Walks In Wrong Apartment, Climbs In Bed With Confused Neighbor

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Watch Darth Vader Get Denied The Right To Vote In Ukraine

A guy dressed like the Sith Lord (who had legally changed his name to "Darth Vader") wouldn't remove the mask to cast his ballot.

This Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With A Student On Her First Day Of Work

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Doctor Explains How A Man Can Get Stuck Inside A Woman During Sex

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How Much Would You Pay To Own The World's First Hoverboard?

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This Girl Got Stuck In Her Ex's Chimney While Stalking Him

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99 Things More Likely To Kill You Than Ebola

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Billboard Featuring Giant Breasts Causes Over 500 Car Crashes

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'Black-ish' Goes Into 'Guy Code' Territory With Urinal Buffer Zone

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