Soul Khan Just Wants Your Acknowledgement

MC opens up about his EP, getting love in NYC and why a white rapper with a booming voice shouldn't shock you.

Lil Wayne 'Embraced' Lil B On Sorry 4 The Wait Collabo

'I was nervous, and I don't even get nervous about nothing,' B tells MTV News about recording 'Grove St. Party' with Weezy.

Dom Kennedy Embraced By NYC Crowd, Despite L.A. Roots

'From the Westside, With Love II just came out last week, so it was shocking to me to see people that knew those songs,' MC marvels after packed show.

Josh Baze Blazing A Trail From Brooklyn To Hollywood

MC talks about his upcoming EP and why Hype Williams signed on to direct his debut video for 'We Made It,' in Mixtape Daily.

R. Kelly Sends Love Letter To Loyal Fans On Tour

Kels seduces Newark, New Jersey, with nearly two-hour set reaching way back into his catalog.

Casey Veggies Graduates, Despite Sleeping In Class

L.A. rapper made the honor roll while on the road, his mom and teacher share.

Frank Ocean's 'Novacane' Video: One-Night Stands And Pandas

Odd Future crooner's eerie clip hit the Web on Thursday.

Tyler, The Creator Wants MellowHype To 'Get Their Shine'

'People focus on me so much instead of the whole OF collective,' Tyler tells MTV News of buzzworthy Hodgy Beats and Left Brain.

Kreayshawn On Diddy: 'That's My Dad!'

Rising MC says rap mogul offered to 'adopt' her after she signed with Columbia over his Bad Boy Records.

Kreayshawn Says Record Label Told Her: 'Do You'

'They were like, 'We want to do exactly what you've been doing,' ' the 'Gucci Gucci' femcee tells MTV News of why she inked with Columbia.

Swizz Beatz To Appear On Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV

The producer reveals that he contributed a track called 'Ann' to Weezy's album that he says 'is like a letter to [Eminem's] 'Stan.' '

Insane Clown Posse Not 'Rushing' Mighty Death Pop!

'We're doing what we do in the studio, coming out with the best record that we can,' Shaggy 2 Dope tells MTV News.

Wiz Khalifa Set To Drop 'No Sleep' As Next Single

'It goes crazy when we perform it,' Wiz tells MTV News as he gears up for Rolling Papers Tour.

Wiz Khalifa Plays Bamboozle Fest, Denies Feud With Kanye

'It's fun to talk about it and make jokes about, but in all reality, that didn't even exist,' Wiz tells us about alleged altercation.

Odd Future Bridge The 'Divide' In Hip-Hop For The New West

Fader's editor in chief calls the eclectic collective's rise 'a special moment.'

New West Week Kicks Off With Odd Future, Casey Veggies, More

We take you inside the re-emerging L.A. hip-hop scene, including exclusive interviews with Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, Tyga and more.

Dom Kennedy Is Taking 'A Stand' On His Latest Mixtape

L.A. MC tells Mixtape Daily he wanted The Original Dom Kennedy to show 'the way we grew up and our lifestyle.'

Wiz Khalifa Hypes Rolling Papers At NYC In-Store Appearance

'It's totally exhilarating to see kids lined up outside,' MC marvels on the day of his debut album's release.

Snoop Dogg Remembers Nate Dogg As A 'Genuine' Homey

'It was the things he did for me as a friend before I had a record deal,' Snoop tells MTV News.

Tyler The Creator Wants To Take Justin Bieber 'Egging Cars'

After meeting the Biebs, Odd Future MC tells MTV News he wants them to 'do fun sh-- that I feel like he hasn't been able to do.'

Odd Future's MellowHype Eat Tacos With Jay-Z

Also, the duo's Hodgy Beats tells MTV News, 'We're trying to put out two albums this year.'

Nate Dogg Calls His Music 'The Truth' On 'Yo! MTV Raps'

'If it got that Dogg Pound flavor, it's always going to be a tad more,' he tells Fab Five Freddy in 1995.

Tyler, The Creator Says He Kept Odd Future Secret From His Mom

'She found out through other people,' Tyler tells MTV News.

Donald Glover Promises 'All Facets Of Me' On I Am Donald Tour

'Community' star and mtvU Woodies host doesn't want tour to feel like 'Donald Glover the comedian opened for Childish Gambino,' his rap alter ego.