'Workaholics' 'Constantly Stimulated' On First Date

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AWOLNATION Call Debut Album 'Genre-Less'

'I feel lucky to be a songwriter that has an open mind to all different kinds of music,' frontman Aaron Bruno says of Megalithic Symphony.

Mac Miller's 5-Year Plan: Grammys, Nobel Peace Prize

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Oh Land Says 'Son Of A Gun' Is A 'Metaphor' For 'Dangerous' Love

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Die Antwoord Call Major-Label Debut $O$ 'Too Fast, Too Furious'

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Atomic Tom Rock Thrillist.com Birthday Bash

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Matt And Kim Avoid 'Getting Too Musician-y' On Sidewalks

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Justin Bieber Fans Say They'll Cast VMA Votes 'Every Single Day'

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Debi Nova Says New Album Luna Nueva Marks 'Rebirth'

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Beyonce 'Very Proud' To Open Cosmetology Center In Brooklyn

B cuts the ribbon on the new Beyoncé Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House in Brooklyn, New York.

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