Police Interrupt Jello Biafra Show -- On His Behalf

Former Dead Kennedys frontman mocked the media, politics and his idiosyncratic career during four-hour show.

B-Girl Power

Like pink lemonade with a Guinness chaser.

L7 Plan To Launch Own Label With New LP

Hard-rockers readying Wax Tadpole Records' first release for summer or fall.

Heads Bang At SXSW

Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Neurosis lead heavy assault at music festival.

Guitarless Lo Fi Allstars Stand Out At SXSW

But elsewhere at music festival, guitars still ruled.

Los Super Seven Throw Backyard Musical Blowout

Band inspires traditional Tex-Mex bash with its classic, cross-cultural sound.

E Pluribus Punkum

To really hear Refused, you'll need to revert to a time in which you might have actually believed that an album could inspire a revolution -- or at least a really good design for one.

Pompadour And Circus-Stance

Swing On A Star ...

Music To Make Nice To ...

Red Aunts March Off Into Texas Sunset

Nearing the end of its final tour, cultish L.A. group delivers a searing set.

Creepy Treats

The Squirrel Nut Zippers create soundtracks for films not yet invented, movies playing nightly in the heads of sleeping children who know that everything is scarier in black and white.