Missy Elliott Promises Joint Album With Eve, Aaliyah Tribute LP

Elliott to hit studio with Eve in February.

When she says "Work It," she's not selling any wolf tickets.

The newly trimmed-down Missy Elliott is keeping a busy schedule these days, jumping in the studio with everyone from Jay-Z to TLC. Arguably the VA MC's most ambitious endeavor to date, though, is scheduled to commence at the beginning of next year, when Missy will form a group and hit the vocal booth with another popular femme fatale.

"Me and Eve are supposed to do an album together and start working on it in February," Missy disclosed a couple of weeks ago in New York. "Right now we're talking about giving half the money to a charity, maybe kids who been abused or something. [That album] is like the girl version of Jay-Z and R. Kelly's [The Best of Both Worlds]. A little different, but the girl version."

Missy, who will also appear on upcoming albums by TLC (see [article id="1457526"]"TLC Album Preview: 3D Tributes Left Eye With Sass, Spunk, Silence"[/article]) and Whitney Houston, is working behind the scenes and in the studio on a tribute album for her friend, the late Aaliyah, as well.

"You gonna hear a new Aaliyah album," she said. "Right now we're working on getting the artists together. She has a lot of songs she didn't put on the [Aaliyah] album, so hopefully we're going to get the artists to come in and sing the other verse on a song and keep one of her verses so it'll be like a collaboration thing. I donít have an exact time frame on it because itís a lot of artists we're trying to get for it, but it'll be soon."

As for her new solo project, Under Construction, Elliott said she's pleased that the opus' first single, "Work It," has become an even bigger smash that her last LP's "Get Ur Freak On." Jay-Z, TLC, Beyoncé Knowles, Ludacris, Method Man, Ms. Jade and Timbaland all helped Missy erect the album, which drops on November 12 (see [article id="1457986"]"T-Boz, Chilli Pay Tribute To Left Eye On Missy Elliott LP" [/article]).

Further in the future, Missy is hoping to team with yet more artists on a tour tentatively titled Where My Girls At.

"Itís a tour that we're trying to get together," she said. "I think Mary [J. Blige] will be headlining. And in that tour I would like for it to be something where it's not just R&B artists. I would want to do something where it's white, black, Chinese ... All the hot female artists just come together on one tour."

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