Why 'Finding Carter''s Max Must Absolutely, Positively Pull Through

The life of Carter's best friend hangs in the balance after he was accidentally shot.

Want proof life isn't fair? Max, whose sole prerogative has been to keep the peace on "Finding Carter," is now fighting for his life after looking down the barrel of a gun.

On Tuesday's episode, the show's consummate nice guy was mistakenly shot when Crash, who flashed his pistol at the gas station cashier, accidentally set the weapon off and sent a bullet through Max's chest. As it missed Max's heart by only a hair, it's still unclear whether he'll make it out of surgery alive.

But he has to.

Ever since he followed Carter along to the Wilson household, he's become a sort of glue that's pieced each member of the family back together. Elizabeth, David and their kids are far from perfect, but with Max's help, they're repaired. Look at five very good reasons that it's crucial that he survive the night, and stay tuned for the next "Finding Carter" episode to see if he pulls through.

1. He's Grant's big brother.

Though Grant's got sage wisdom to spare, his words usually fall on deaf ears around the Wilson house. That all changed once Max showed up, though, and something as simple as the guys playing video games through the afternoon proved to Grant that his words had value, and that he wasn't alone.

2. Taylor's finally loosened up with his help.

Remember the girl who used to pass on parties in favor of studying? She's no longer. Taylor's still responsible enough, but ever since she began dating Max, she's permitted herself to throw at least a little bit of caution to the wind. And yes, maybe experimenting with drugs was taking things too far, but Taylor's discovery of the balance between work and play is all because of Max.

3. Carter would be lost without him.

Carter's finally got a solid group of friends at her new school, but try as they might, Ofe, Bird or Gabe can never really compare to Max, whom Carter's known for years. The exes have successfully found a way to remain friends after breaking up, and each time Carter has felt like she's drifting through her life without Lori, Max has been able to bring her back down to Earth, and remind her that all is not lost. He, himself, is evidence.

4. He's not wordy, but he's plenty wise.

They say life's a marathon, not a race, and the same can certainly be said of Max's speech. Getting to the point is not necessarily his forte, but when he finally arrives at his epiphanic destination, he'll prove to you that it was worth the wait. Jack Handey's got nothin' on this guy.

5. He's a man bun pioneer.

Nice try, Jared Leto.

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