VIDEO: Take A Tour Of Kelly Osbourne's Closet (Including A Subway Sandwich Moment!)

(Credit: Getty Images)Kelly Osbourne's ditched her granny hair (though we have to admit she pulled it off better than some), lost some pounds and is looking quite svelte and super. (It's unfortunate that gigs on Dancing With The Stars can't be a viable weight-loss program for laypeople, right?)

Shopping site Bluefly invites you to take a little look-see inside Kelly Osbourne's boudoir. In the video, Kelly goes through her closet item by item--Chanel, Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana--and includes little self-deprecating anecdotes about each piece. Not related, but necessary to disclose: We want to steal her yellow tufted Mad Men-esque headboard!)

Kelly Osbourne's little cottage in the Hollywood Hills has little knickknacks, collectibles and pictures of her famous family all over the joint. BONUS: Kelly Osbourne apparently has a MASSIVE collection of vintage Barbie paraphernalia that's nothing short of spectacular--though apparently Tori Spelling snapped up the rest of the Barbie collection before Kelly could. Hate it when that happens!

It's also reported that Kelly Osbourne is working on a fashion collection. By the looks of her epic closet, it seems this gal knows a thing or three about clothes.