President Obama Tries To Convince Us Health Care Is Just Like 'Frozen'

He also mentioned Taylor Swift, because he's cool like that.

When in doubt, talk about "Frozen." Especially when you're a second-term president with low approval ratings and you're about to face a Congress hell-bent on dismantling your signature health care initiative.

Hell, say Oabamacare is just like "Frozen." Why not?

That's exactly what President Obama did on Monday night when he stopped by "The Colbert Report" to guest-star in one of the late night comedian's final shows before he graduates to his network gig replacing David Letterman.

Reading Colbert's lines during "The Word" segment (which he renamed "The Decree"), Obama joked, "Remember the website? I think that's where Disney got the idea for 'Frozen.'" And just like that, "Let It Loooad!" appeared on the screen behind him.

But now that the new website works, how's the president going to get the message out to "the kids" that they can get quality health care for less than $100? "Tattoo it on Taylor Swift" was one idea. Hmmmm.

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