2 Chainz Is Taking It Back To The Tity Boi Era On His Third Album

A little change of pace.

Earlier this year, during an appearance on "RapFix Live" with Sway, 2 Chainz explained that he wanted to keep the B.O.A.T.S. series alive with volume three, but during the recording process he's changed lanes. The Atlanta rapper is going with a brand new title and says that he's taking it back to the Tity Boi era.

"It's just time to turn the page, it's a new chapter, it's a new day and a different campaign," he told MTV News on the 2014 Bet Hip Hop Awards carpet, explaining the direction of his upcoming third album.

"I think its more Tity Boi, it's more circa '05 and '06, when I had [the] 745 Beamer swag with cornrows," Chainz said, "But with better instruments, more music behind it, more storytelling and more heartfelt. I can't leave the trap alone."

And, since there's going to be a lot more storytelling, fans can also expect some more complex visuals. For "Freebase," 2 Chainz went on "Thriller" all us, and he can't turn back now.

"After 'Freebase,' you can't just shoot a video anymore," he said. "We've gotta implement more art with our music, so that's what I'm on -- something besides just standing in front of a car."

Oh, and he says that he'll definitely be working with Kanye on this project.

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