'Blade Runner' 2049 Is 'Retiring' Hopes Of Stellar Box Office Numbers

More like Blade ... Bummer :/

The follow-up to Ridley Scott's science fiction classic Blade Runner may have been hugely anticipated, but Blade Runner 2049's first weekend out isn't exactly reflecting the pre-release hype.

Blade Runner 2049 is looking at a $30-35 million haul for its debut box office, which, when compared with its (aspirational) peers, is a super disappointing turnout for the Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford-helmed futuristic thriller.

How does it stack up to the biggest movies of the year to date? Not so well, in spite of its fantastic cast and amazing visuals. This is a fraction of the pull Beauty and the Beast ($175 million), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($145), Spider-Man: Homecoming ($120 million), and Wonder Woman ($100 million) had on their respective opening weekends. As far as its contemporaries go, the Blade Runner sequel is falling behind the Kingsman sequel, as even that crossed $40 million for its box office start.

Ah well. Here's hoping Blade Runner 2049 is a sleeper hit. In the meantime, please enjoy this delightful interview in which Gosling and Ford nearly fall off their chairs with two severe cases of the giggles.

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