Ed Sheeran Returns To Social Media With A Cryptic Tweet

What does it mean??

What on earth is Ed Sheeran up to? After a whole year of not tweeting (and briefly getting his face sliced, let us not forget), the singer/songwriter has tweeted exactly one tweet, and it's not giving up any easy answers.

On both Instagram and Twitter, Sheeran has shared an image of a particular shade of sky blue. That's it. A blue square — no text, no hints, just blue.

Sheeran's Twitter avatar is the same shade of blue now, as is his Twitter header and his Instagram icon. His Facebook page is decked out in the exact same color, too.

What does it mean? Is he hinting at new music? It's gotta be new music, right? Is Taylor Swift involved somehow? We have so many questions and so few answers.

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