MTV's Most Gasp-Worthy Moments Of 2014

From 'Teen Wolf' to 'Catfish' and everything in between, this year's shows left us in need of a sedative.

Shortness of breath: symptomatic of heart attacks, asthma and watching MTV in 2014.

This year, the network tested the power of our lungs by putting forth suspense and horror that had us doubling up on our Albuterol prescriptions. After hair-raising revelations on "Teen Wolf" and a "Happyland" scandal that was befitting of any tabloid, we're surprised we've made it to December without developing degenerative lung disorders. If you've got a paper bag handy, check out the 2014's most gasp-worthy moments below, and be sure to keep up with MTV News for more of 2014's Best-of wrap-ups!

Moment: Carter gets kidnapped...again

Show: "Finding Carter"

Teenage rebel Carter got the shock of her life when she realized she'd been abducted as a child and that the woman she believed was her mother was actually her kidnapper. It took Carter months to acclimate to her new life with her biological family, and when she finally managed to find her footing, she was drugged and kidnapped the same person.

Moment: The Benefactor unmasks herself

Show: "Teen Wolf"

This season, the gang at Beacon Hills fought a more desperate battle than ever, as an anonymous serial killer known as The Benefactor sought to eliminate the town's entire supernatural population. After weeks of fighting an unknown enemy, Scott McCall and his friends got the surprise of their lives when the meek Meredith revealed she was the much-feared assassin.

Moment: Eva's pregnant?!

Show: "Awkward"

The idea that Sadie and Jenna found common ground wasn't the most alarming facet to Palos Hills' ski trip -- shifty transfer student Eva revealed she was pregnant...with Matty's baby! Eventually, she was outed as a liar, but for a moment, we were forced to consider a reality in which a Baby McKibben crawled rampantly around town.

Moment: The exes land in San Francisco

Show: "Real World: Ex-plosion"

The show that typically houses seven strangers became a little too familiar in Season 29, when its cast members were greeted by an unpleasant surprise...each of their exes (save for Jamie) were visiting. Beyond that, they were MOVING IN.

Moment: No dice

Show: "Are You the One?"

"Are You the One?" is simple enough -- if 10 single women and 10 single men can correctly identify what science has identified as 10 perfect matches among them, each dater walks away with $50,000. And maybe the Season 2 twist has thrown off the current contestants, but on two separate occasions, they've failed to identify a SINGLE CORRECT PAIR.

Moment: Liam and Amy hook up

Show: "Faking It"

After each received a strong dose of romantic scorn from Karma, Amy and Liam -- who'd never been too fond of each other -- decided to hurt the single apple of their eyes the only way they knew drunkenly sleeping together. Back to the drawing board, maybe...?

Moment: Jordan submits to The Draw

Show: "The Challenge: Free Agents"

Jordan's competitive edge was evident from the moment he moved into the "Real World: Portland" house, and things didn't change once he found himself on the "Challenge" circuit. After a heated argument with Johnny Bananas, Jordan promised he'd send the seasoned vet home, and when the opportunity for the elimination round popped up, he made good on his word and shocked the entire house with his bold Kill Card-flipping move. Unfortunately, it was at his own expense, and JB took the young buck out.

Moment: Nev feeds a cell phone to the fish

Show: "Catfish"

Lesson learned, Kid Cole: If you choose to be flippant with Internet detective Nev Schulman and blow him off during simple conversation, your mobile device will wind up in the Potomac River.

Moment: Kailyn walks down the aisle

Show: "Teen Mom 2"

Things haven't always come up roses for Kail and she's struggled with anger across "Teen Mom 2," but when she and longtime boyfriend Javi finally tied the knot, the clouds burned away and all that disappeared. And when Isaac's mom walked down the aisle, we struggled to catch our breath.

Moment: Lucy and Ian are a bit more than kissing cousins

Show: "Happyland"

Kissing a new crush is all well and good, unless you proceed to learn that the dreamboat in question is YOUR HALF-BROTHER. Dazzle's beloved Lucy looked traumatized when her mother revealed that she and Ian had the same father, and though their status as siblings was eventually debunked (Ian's mother turned out to be a big cheat), the initial reveal of the incestuous secret left us floored.