My Favorie Movie: Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley

"You know, I'm a big Hitchcock fan. I love Hitchcock movies — "Rear Window," "Psycho," "North by Northwest," "The Man Who Knew Too Much" — but when I look at movies overall, I have to say "Star Wars," because "Star Wars" does the thing that I love the most about a movie, because the music by John Williams and this movie have that emotional thing to them, have that excitement that gets into your bones.

"That opening scene when the big ship is coming across the screen, and this huge music is accompanying that, it's just like oh my God. I remember seeing that in the theaters, my mouth was just wide open. I could not believe it. I could not wait to find out what was going to happen next, because if they're starting out like this, oh my God. So that movie, particularly when I was a kid and seeing it in theater, it just absolutely blew me away. It still blows me away."

Boyd Tinsley, the violinist for Dave Matthews Band, produced the ethereal film "Faces in the Mirror," available for streaming online at

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