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Ryan Reynolds Wants You To See His Cheeks In This 'Deadpool 2' Teaser

Yeah. Not the ones on his face.

Now we know why Ryan Reynolds was oh so excited to check out Logan in theaters (well, besides the scene he filmed that was believed to be for the movie and his undying love and affection for Hugh Jackman, of course).

A four-minute sneak peek of Deadpool 2 is playing before screenings of Marvel's latest epic, and it gives us enough laughs — and profanity — to hold us over until the proper trailer drops.

Reynolds shared the clip himself on March 4, just hours after Logan officially opened in theaters, and it features a twist on a superhero plot device: The phone booth quick-change. Clark Kent was big on ducking into a phone booth before switching Superman gears, and Wade Wilson tries to pull the same move when he sees an old man get held up by a gun-wielding mugger.

One "Not on my watch, motherfucker!" and off he goes, but ... yeah. Let's just say that the preview offers a long look at one of Reynolds's assets as he attempts to make the Deadpool quick-change, and that we'll never look at a pint of Ben & Jerry's the same ever again.

For fans fiending for the Deadpool sequel, which isn't set for a release until 2018, fear not: This glimpse hints that Reynolds is making moves on the production front. Last month at the Golden Globes, Reynolds told MTV News that he was still "working on" the casting for Deadpool 2, and was dealing with the particular challenge of finding the perfect person to play Cable, a.k.a. Nathan Summers, the sharp-shooting son of X-Man Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey's clone.

The phone booth doesn't just serve as an impromptu dressing room for Deadpool, here, but an affirmation: "NATHAN SUMMERS COMING SOON" is scrawled on the door, so maybe Reynolds is closer to kicking off Deadpool's sequel than he let on.