Every Crazy Thing The 'Suicide Squad' Cast Has Said About Jared Leto's Joker

This is called Stockholm syndrome

Hey, did you guys hear that Jared Leto is playing The Joker in Suicide Squad? Crazy, right? Seeing as Suicide Squad hits theaters this weekend, you'd think they'd be hyping his role more... HAHAHAHA HAAHA HA HA HA.

Just kidding. Of course you've heard about Leto's Joker! It's literally all anyone associated with this movie can talk about.

It's hard to believe that the promising first trailer for Suicide Squad dropped only one year ago because it honestly feels like Warner Bros. has been promoting its Task Force X movie for years. I must have seen at least five dozen teasers, teaser trailers, motion posters (a.k.a. teasers), sneak peeks, first looks, trailer trailers, and theatrical trailers for this movie. The marketing campaign for Suicide Squad has been more aggressive than Killer Croc. But nothing — and I mean NOTHING — has been more obnoxious than hearing about Leto's escapades as the Clown Prince of Gotham City.

At first, it was cute to watch Leto's costars describe his ~ method ~ acting. He sent the cast a dead pig at the very first table read. OK. That's fine. But then the depth of Leto's antics progressed to absolute absurdity. He refused to be called his real name on set. Instead, cast and crew had to address him as Mistah J. He also terrorized his castmates with anal beads, live rats, and used condoms. In fact, Method Actor Jared Leto spent more time playing The Joker on set than he did in the damn movie.

So in honor of Suicide Squad's release, let's take a look at all of the times the Suicide Squad cast has been forced to relive the horror that is working with Mistah J Method Actor Jared Leto:

Will Smith never met Jared Leto on set.

Back in October, Smith dropped by Beats 1 Radio Show to discuss his new album, but when the topic turned to Suicide Squad, he revealed that he had "never actually met Jared Leto" because Method Actor Jared Leto was that committed to being The Joker.

"We worked together for six months and we've never exchanged a word outside of 'action!' and 'cut!'" Smith said. "We've never said 'hello,' we've never said 'good day.' I've only ever spoken to him as Deadshot and him as the Joker. I literally have not met him yet... Not a single word exchanged off-camera. He was all in on the Joker."

Margot Robbie received a live rat from Jared Leto.

Among the many gifts Method Actor Jared Leto bestowed upon his castmates was a live rat. (Casual.) Leto gifted the rat to Robbie, who plays The Joker's deranged love Harley Quinn in the film, and she seemed pretty chill about it. (She will also tell this exact story to anyone who asks.)

"At first I thought this was disgusting. But then after that... I was like, I'm not going to kill him," Robbie told Jimmy Fallon. "So I ended up keeping him as a pet. I ended up getting him like a sweet little playpen, a slide, a hammock, and a leash because I wanted to take him to set and walk him around... But then our landlord at the place I was staying found out."

Jared Leto sent everyone a dead hog — as The Joker, of course.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Viola Davis revealed that Mistah J gifted the cast of Suicide Squad a dead pig. (Viola Davis was not amused, Method Actor Jared Leto.)

"He did some bad things, Jared Leto did. He gave some really horrific gifts," she said. "He had a henchman who would come into the rehearsal room, and the henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table, and then he walked out. And that was our introduction into Jared Leto."

And anal beads. Don't forget the anal beads.

In an interview with E! News, (Method Actor Jared) Leto revealed that he sent everyone in the cast used condoms and anal beads as a means to further identify with The Joker. (Hmm.)

"I did a lot of things to create a dynamic, to create an element of surprise, of spontaneity, and to really break down any kind of walls that may be there," Leto said. "The Joker is somebody who doesn’t really respect things like personal space or boundaries."

Oh, and the crude wrap presents.

Remember when Jared Leto gave everyone "a boxful of nudie mags, a dildo, a switchblade, and a used condom" as a wrap present? There are personal boundaries, Method Actor Jared Leto — and you crossed them.

Jared Leto scared poor Scott Eastwood (who we forgot was even in this movie).

"I was sort of afraid to approach him because I didn't want to mess with his thing going on," Eastwood told E! News. "But I knew him before. I met him before he was The Joker. I just met him as Jared Leto. So I didn’t know if I wanted to mess up his thing."

At least you spared yourself from the anal beads and used condoms, Eastwood.

He even freaked out director David Ayer, whose own unusual methods border on Joker-levels of intense.

Ayer is Method Actor Jared Leto's #1 fan. This honestly does not surprise me. Of Leto's performance, he told Yahoo, "He constantly has to give birth to himself, he goes away, he comes back, he shoots, he goes away... The Joker is something you have to be, and you can see how exhausting and painful it is for him to be this character. But you can feel it when he comes to work, the crew feels it, everyone feels it. It's like the birds stop flying. He's fucking terrifying."

He really "set the bar" for shit to get crazy.

Back in April, Smith told MTV News that Leto's method acting "set the bar" for the entire cast. "What he did that's great is he set the bar," Smith said. "First we found out that Jared wasn't going to be in rehearsals, and we were like, 'That's messed up! How is he not going to be in rehearsals?' And then there was a bag on the door, and this dude barges in and throws a dead pig on the floor in front of us... We're like, 'OK. Jared has officially set off the Suicide Squad. He went full Joker.'"

Jai Courtney thanked Jared Leto for his generosity.

Method Actor Jared Leto gave so much to this role and to this cast — and we're not even talking about the anal beads. In fact, Courtney couldn't help but to thank Leto for his crazy-ass dedication. "We had the pleasure of working with was an actor who made some extreme choices to get to the place he needed to — and also to get us to the place we needed to for that relationship," he told MTV News. "And that was incredibly generous."

Robbie doesn't even think of Jared Leto and The Joker as being the same person.


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