Nicki Minaj Shuns Optimus Prime For His Mortal Enemy In Surprise Announcement

'Megatron,' whatever it is, will be here on June 21

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons from the media franchise Transformers. You've probably seen him in the movies, where Shia LaBeouf and Mark Wahlberg get chased around by robots that are trucks and Teslas one minute and then humanoid vehicular death machines the next. Megatron's typically the big bad because the Decepticons are the villains and the good guys are the Autobots. He's a despicable, self-centered villain. Nicki Minaj took to Instagram today (June 13) to invoke his name and announce that something, named Megatron, is coming on June 21.

Nicki's been on something of a Twitter hiatus, or at least, using it more sparingly than before. Yesterday (June 12), she tweeted "MEGATRON" in all caps and changed her profile picture to the King Decepticon's name. (She could also have just been watching the movies and developed a crush on the bad guy. The robot is tall, steel, and handsome, of course.)

But then, in true Nicki fashion, she took to Instagram to unveil more about it, announcing that something with the same name will be here on June 21. In a subsequent post, she tagged #QueenRadio, which leads us to surmise that there's going to be a new episode to coincide with the release of whatever "Megatron" is.

Nicki's fourth studio album, Queen, came out last August. Since then, she's been pretty much everywhere, releasing freestyles of songs by Meek Mill and Blueface, as well as appearing on "Dumb Blonde" by Avril Lavigne. Whatever "Megatron" is, it's going to make her 2019 even bigger, badder, and possibly more evil. We just hope she doesn't transform into a maniacal, 15-foot-tall robot.

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