'Dilemma' Stars Vince Vaughn And Kevin James Share Some Man-Love

'I could get hit by a car tomorrow and know Kevin James knows the love I have for him,' Vaughn tells MTV News.

"The Dilemma" overflows with relationship drama: between Vince Vaughn's fast-talking Ronny and his girlfriend, Beth; Kevin James' kind-hearted Nick and his wife, Geneva; and Geneva and her extramarital boy toy, Zip. But perhaps the most tension-filled relationship is the one between Ronny and Nick.

Best buds since their days at Ball State, the two are in business together, attempting to construct an electrical car engine that captures the bone-shaking energy of old-school muscle cars. But as the title of the film suggests, an unwelcome intrusion in the form of Nick's philandering wife enters the picture, causing some bromance-compromising secrecy between the friends.

When it comes to their own working relationship, though, Vaughn and James insist on full honesty and the healthy expression of their affection for each other. "I've taken every opportunity to be direct and tell this guy I love him," Vaughn laughed in an interview with MTV News. "I could get hit by a car tomorrow and know Kevin James knows the love I have for him."

James, however, worried that perhaps he hasn't gone far enough, that perhaps a full-court, flowers-and-candy effusion of man-love is in order. "I don't think I've expressed enough of my love for Vince Vaughn," he said. "I don't know if that's being an honest thing or you let it leak in slowly -- you don't want to overdo it too much, because you don't want to frighten the person you love so much."

What, may we ask, has given birth to such dude-on-dude worship? Both men seem cut from the same comedic cloth and found themselves working together to hit new jokes and routines that weren't originally on the page.

"Right away, we collaborated with the script," Vaughn said. "Kevin is so funny. He's such a good writer. Such good ideas that we were making each other laugh and having fun coming up with stuff. It always makes it easier."

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