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Weird Al Yankovic gets Whiplashed in new College Humor parody video.

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Summer 2014 saw some HUGE moments in pop music -- from copious amounts of booty to everything Beyonce did ever. Check out our rundown!

Weird Al's Emmys Medley Featured The Best 'Game Of Thrones' Joke Ever: Watch

Weird Al performed a medley of TV theme songs at the 2014 Emmys.

'Weird Al' Pics & Video From 1980s VMAs Prove He's Always Been Weird

Never change, Al. Never change.

Eat It: 'Weird Al' Yankovic Finally Hits #1

"Weird Al" Yankovic will score his first #1 album with "Mandatory Fun" this week thanks to parodies of songs by Lorde, Pharrell Williams, Imagine Dragons and Iggy Azalea.

Weird Al Sounds Just Like Your Boss In 'Mission Statement'

Weird Al's "Mission Statement" video is basically a four-and-a-half-minute whirlwind of corporate jargon. Operationalize your core competencies, and watch the clip.

Weird Al Yankovic Hates Your 'Lame Claim To Fame,' Starf--kers

Another day, another Weird Al video: this time for his southern-fried ode to all you starf--kers out there, "Lame Claim to Fame."

No Latte Art? Weird Al Has It Rough In His ‘First World Problems’ Video

Watch "Weird Al" Yankovic's new Pixies-video for "First World Problems," where the master parodist can't get Wi-Fi, forgets his gardener's name, and more.

Weird Al -- Lorde's Hair Twin -- Takes On 'Royals' With 'Foil'

Weird Al parodied Lorde's "Royals" with "Foil."

Weird Al Takes Down 'Blurred Lines' And Lyric Videos With 'Word Crimes': Watch

Weird Al Yankovic released his second music video in two days with "Word Crimes," a parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

Watch Jack Black Twerk In Weird Al's 'Happy' Parody Video

"Weird" Al Yankovic has released the first video off his album "Mandatory Fun," a parody of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" called "Tacky." Watch it now.

'Weird Al' Yankovic: Return Of The King

With his new Alpocalypse album in stores, Bigger Than the Sound pays tribute to the King of the Pop Parody.

Lady Gaga, Weird Al Find 'Happy Ending' After Parody Beef

'She's totally cool and she really likes the parody,' Al tells MTV News of 'Perform This Way.'

50 Cent To Play Bamboozle Left Fest -- Could Lil Wayne Be Next?

50 is unusual choice for rock fest, which also features Fall Out Boy and Thrice; promoter extends invite to Weezy.

Ludacris Takes Out Timberlake, Lands Third #1 Debut

Janet Jackson, Weird Al also crack Billboard albums chart top 10.

Track By Track: In Weird Al's Lynwood, Green Day's 'Idiot' Is Canadian

Yankovic walks MTV News through 12 tracks of his 12th LP, including Chamillionaire, Usher spoofs.

No Hollywood Star For 'Weird Al' Yankovic This Year

Despite passionate fan campaign, Diddy, Mariah Carey prevail.

'Weird Al' Fans Tired Of People Not Walking All Over Him

Supporters raising money to get Yankovic a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Weird Al Wisdom: Don't Rush Comedy, And Don't Trust eBay

Parody king says he won't compete with morning DJs in spoofing current events.

New Releases: Deftones, Staind, DJ Kay Slay, Less Than Jake, Weird Al, Marques Houston & More

Weird Al Parodies 'Lose Yourself' But Won't Spoof Em's Video

'Couch Potato' is satirical icon's first single from 12th album, Poodle Hat, due May 20.

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