Shyne Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Rapper had faced up to 25 years for Club New York shootings.

Shyne Optimistic About Sentencing Hearing

Rapper could get up to 25 years in prison at Friday's proceedings.

Shyne, Rakim Help G-Dep Step Out Front

Bad Boy supporting player goes solo with Child of the Ghetto.

Shyne Hit With $5 Million Lawsuit Over Car Accident

Construction contractor says rapper caused collision by running red light.

Shyne Sentencing Pushed Back To June

In court for first time since conviction, rapper apologizes to shooting victims but denies responsibility for their injuries in statement.

Puffy, Shyne In Post-Trial War Of Words

Shyne says Puff Daddy betrayed him; Puffy says he is 'not to blame' for Shyne's actions.

Puffy Combs Acquitted; Shyne Guilty Of Assault, Gun Possession

Triumphant shout in courtroom as jury foreperson reads 'not guilty.'

Weary Puffy Jury Shows No Signs Of Nearing Verdict

Jurors cut short deliberations, claiming to be 'very exhausted.'

Shyne Is Headed To Prison, His Lawyer Predicts

Jury deliberations continue for second day in Club New York case.

Puffy's Fate Is In Jury's Hands

Puffy Prosecutor Wraps Case, Calling Evidence 'Overwhelming'

Jury to begin deliberating Wednesday.

Lawyer's Closing: 'Bad People' Trying To Frame Combs

Prosecution's gun possession, bribery case against rap mogul riddled with inconsistencies, Benjamin Brafman argued.

Shyne Lawyer Asks Jury For Acquittal On Self-Defense Grounds

Puff Daddy team's closing arguments expected Monday afternoon.

Suge Knight: 'Prison's Not The Place For Puffy'

Former adversary says a 'ridiculous fine' would be a more appropriate punishment.

Puffy Spoke With Witnesses Before Trial, Prosecutor Says

Phone records may lay groundwork for charges of witness tampering.

Puffy Jurors Finally Hear From 'Scar,' But Not In Person

Mysterious ex-fugitive, in statement read to jury, claims to have seen Puff Daddy fire gun in club.

Shadowy 'Scar' Won't Testify At Puffy Trial

Jurors will still hear from man who allegedly sparked shootings, via handwritten statement.

Someone Fired Gun Before Shyne Drew Weapon, Witness Says

Puffy Says He'll Testify But Lopez Won't

Judge may have laid groundwork for Puff Daddy testimony by ruling that prosecutor can't ask about most prior legal troubles.

Bystanders Pushed Puffy To Floor During Shooting, Guard Says

Witness also testifies that Shyne shot toward ceiling, not into crowd

Puffy Ducked And Didn't Shoot At Club New York, Witness Says

Auto mechanic offers first testimony that rap mogul wasn't wielding gun.

Puffy Defense Opens With Witnesses Distancing Him From Shooting

Security guard says shots couldn't have come from spot where he saw Sean 'Puffy' Combs

Puffy Accused Of Bribing Second Witness

Allegations of approach to Matthew 'Scar' Allen surface as prosecution's case closes.

Fugitive Witness In Puffy Case Found

But prosecution rests without Matthew 'Scar' Allen taking stand, as judge denies request for more time.