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Ryan Adams Says Covering Taylor Swift Was Like Doing Shakespeare

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Was Inspired By John Hughes Movies, Because Of Course It Was

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10 Revelations We Had Listening To Ryan Adams' 1989 Cover Album

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Ryan Adams' 1989 Cover Album Can Be Yours Very Soon

Listen to Ryan Adam's "Bad Blood" cover now. His reinvention of Taylor Swift's 1989 will be sold on iTunes.

Listen To Ryan Adams Transform ‘Shake It Off’ Into a Gorgeous Piano Ballad

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Oh, So THIS Is What Taylor Swift Sounds Like As Grizzled Old Rock Music

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Taylor Swift Is Freaking Out Over Ryan Adams' 1989 Cover Album

Ryan Adams is covering Taylor Swift's "1989."

Meet The Abandoned Cat Everyone Is Cheering For This Morning

Ryan Adams got Twitter biting their nails with a cat rescue in a New Zealand cemetery Monday night.

Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Are Getting Divorced

The couple are calling it quits after six years of marriage.

Fall Out Boy On Ryan Adams Hang: 'Somehow Some Music Got Recorded'

'Everything was off the cuff,' FOB say of their studio sessions with Ryan Adams.

Weezer Team Up With Ryan Adams For 'Stirring' New Song

'He has a lot of wild and crazy energy,' Rivers Cuomo says of collaborator.

Mandy Moore Says Husband Ryan Adams Can Audition For Her Band

'If he ever needs a job or something,' jokes the singer, whose album Amanda Leigh drops in May.

Mandy Moore Was 'Giddy,' Tearful When Marrying Ryan Adams

'She was thrilled to be getting married,' Pastor Steve Schulte says.

Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Get Married

Couple got engaged in February and wed in Savannah, Georgia, on Tuesday, according to online reports.

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Kelly Clarkson Loses Billboard #1 To Hannah Montana

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