The Pokémon Theme Sung In The Style Of Destiny’s Child Is A Total ’90s Overload

'I'm a survivor / I'm not gon give up' — Jigglypuff, probably.

Rob Zombie Explains His Sequel To Hellbilly Deluxe Album

'I just thought the record had the same vibe,' he says of Hellbilly Deluxe 2.

Rob Zombie Made 'Halloween II' So No One Else Would 'Destroy It'

'I just got protective of the series,' director says of 10-film franchise.

Rob Zombie Talks Return To 'Halloween' Series With 'H2'

Director says lead characters are 'dark and damaged.'

Rob Zombie Says 'H2: Halloween 2' Is '100 Percent Mine'

'We don't even think about 'Halloween' anymore; we just do what we do,' director says on the film's Georgia set.

Rob Zombie Shuts The Door On White Zombie, Talks New Solo LP; Plus God Forbid, Chimaira & More News That Rules, In Metal File

Five-disc box set 'is the last thing that will come from the band,' frontman says.

Howard Stern's Wife, Beth Ostrosky, Talks About Recent Wedding

'Between getting married, the honeymoon and my marathon training, it's been crazy,' she tells MTV News.

Rob Zombie: Music Man, 1998, In The Loder Files

Horror-metal star goes solo.

Rob Zombie Promises New LP, Movies And Maybe That White Zombie Box Set In 2008

After a tour with Ozzy, the rocker/director hopes to complete an album and his animated flick, 'The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.'

Carrie Underwood Tries To Overcome Coheed And Cambria, Serj Tankian, Cobra Starship And More, In New Releases

Also due Tuesday: Hurricane Chris, Seether, Rob Zombie, Relient K, Babyshambles, Prefuse 73, Black Dice.

My Chemical Romance Frontman Gets Hitched; Plus Lindsay Lohan, Busta Rhymes, Amy Winehouse, Usher, Jennifer Lopez & More, In For The Record

Lohan attorney seeks dismissal of negligence suit; Busta trial postponed until November; Winehouse performs at last.

Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Has Plenty Of In-Jokes For The Purists

The director answers those age-old remake questions: 'How much do you keep? How much do you get rid of?'

Rob Zombie Isn't Interested In A 'Halloween' Sequel: 'It Won't Involve Me'

Director also talks about his favorite scene in August 31 remake, how he'll avoid horror geeks at Comic-Con.

'Harry Potter' In Rob Zombie's Hands? 'Very Violent With A Lot Of Nudity'

Zack Snyder, David Fincher and more directors weigh in on what they'd do with final 'Potter' flick.

'Halloween' Producers Say Rob Zombie Didn't Want 'Paris Hilton-Type' Star

Malek Akkad, Andy Gould say movie tells 'Batman Begins'-style back story.

'Halloween' Sheriff Brad Dourif Says He Won't Watch Rob Zombie's Remake

Veteran actor discusses his character's expanded importance, what's next for Chucky.

Rewind: Major-Studio Flicks That Belong In The Grind House

These aren't the exploitation films 'Grindhouse' celebrates, but they might as well be.

Tyler Mane Hopes To Be 'Scariest Michael Ever' In Rob Zombie's 'Halloween'

Former mullet-headed wrestler says he 'will definitely put on the mask again' if sequel opportunity arises.

'Halloween' Star Scout Taylor-Compton Calls Michael Myers 'Cute,' Talks Sequel

Actress who plays new Laurie Strode says she was scared of director Rob Zombie at first.

Rob Zombie Says He Will Use Original 'Halloween' Theme Music After All

'I always planned on using the original theme since the beginning,' director wrote in weekend Internet post.

Rob Zombie Talks 'Halloween': 'A Bloodbath Doesn't Interest Me'

Director doubts flick will be gorier than original; 'it's never random killing for no reason,' he says.

For The Record: Quick News On Mary J., Mariah, 50, Smashing Pumpkins, Benji Madden, Ashanti, Nelly & More

Blige, Carey visit Oprah's South African school; 50 Cent to sign books in New York; Madden pops the question.

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Underwood fights pop switch; Lopez leaves 'Dallas'; Furtado goes with 'Maneater.'

For The Record: Quick News On Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Hicks, Busta Rhymes & More

Aguilera wants to open domestic-abuse shelter; Lohan back on set; Hicks aims to prevent release of old song.