Amy Winehouse Stumbles Through EMA Performance; Plus Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan & More, In For The Record

Amy Winehouse stumbled through her performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards shortly after giving a very brief acceptance speech.

Are Radiohead, Madonna, Trent Reznor Sounding The Death Knell For Major Record Labels?

The ease of releasing music digitally makes the old model seem obsolete — but don't count the big guys out just yet.

Mariah Carey Has Words Of Advice For Starlets; Plus Diddy, Nine Inch Nails, Beanie Sigel, Christina Aguilera & More, In For The Record

Diddy faces lawsuit, accepts responsibility for child; NIN are free agents; arrest warrant out for Sigel.

Britney Spears Suffers Setback In Hearing; Plus Dave Grohl, Kanye West, 'High School Musical' & More, In For The Record

Grohl opens up about Kurt Cobain; West mocks himself at Emmys; 'HSM' stars still in negotiations for third flick.

Lily Allen Nixes VMA Appearance; Plus Yung Joc, Jordin Sparks, Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx, Jack White, NIN & More, In For The Record

Joc launches aspiring-music-mogul contest; 'Idol' winner plans debut; Hilton's clothing-line launch causes frenzy.

Rock's Voices Of Protest Finally Wake Up — And It's About Time, By John Norris

Politically charged releases from Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, Bright Eyes, others finally unleash voices of dissent.

Despised Icon Despise 'Deathcore'; Plus Himsa, Dekapitator & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'We don't want to be associated with this trend,' singer Alexandre Erian insists.

Could Linkin Park, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails Be The Next U2?

Are some of today's rockers modeling themselves after Bono's band of Irish lads?

'Harry Potter' Encyclopedia, Plus Anna Nicole Smith, Bobby Brown, T-Pain, Bun B, Slim Thug, NIN & More In For The Record

Smith's will revealed; Brown pleads poverty; T-Pain LP date moved up.

Avril Fights Off Joe, Trent, Akon And Some Monkeys To Hold Top Billboard Spot

R&B singer Joe comes in at #2, Arctic Monkeys at #7.

Avril Hammers Nine Inch Nails For Billboard's #1

'American Idol' veteran Bucky Covington opens in the album chart's #4 spot with his debut LP.

New Releases: Nine Inch Nails, Avril, Pink, Bucky Covington & More

Also due Tuesday: Fightstar, Hold Steady, Priestbird, Comas, Page McConnell, DJ Shadow, Six Feet Under.

Nine Inch Nails' Year Almost Here, But Real-World Game Continues

Some 60 fans gather in L.A. to collect 'resistance kits' — part of band's mysterious marketing scheme.

For The Record: Quick News On Avril, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Game, Foo Fighters, Harry Potter & More

Avril talks clothes, 'punk attitude'; B lines up North American tour; 50 addresses Tony Yayo incident.

Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero Preview: Beginning To Solve The Mystery

A track-by-track tour through the album, due April 17.

For The Record: Quick News On R. Kelly, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Carrie Underwood, LL Cool J, 'Idol' & More

Kelly talks West collabo in bizarre message; Lohan's father released from prison; Underwood to perform on 'SNL.'

New Releases: Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Slim Thug, Money Mark & More

Also due Tuesday: B.G. and the Chopper City Boyz, Daath, Dälek, Dean & Britta, Do Make Say Think, Pagoda, Goo Goo Dolls.

For The Record: Quick News On Bobby Brown, Britney, Anna Nicole, Rage, Kanye, Fall Out Boy, 'Idol' & More

Brown in county jail; Spears not on suicide watch; Smith's mother to challenge appeals court.

Weird Web Trail: Conspiracy Theory — Or Marketing For Nine Inch Nails LP?

Series of alternate-reality sites linked to 'concept record' Year Zero, due April 17.

For The Record: Quick News On Beyonce, Chris Brown, Shakira, Wyclef, Harry Potter, Justin, Rick Rubin, NIN & More

B teams with Mexican singer for duet; Brown joins Essence fest lineup; Shakira, Wyclef performing at Grammys.

For The Record: Quick News On MCR, Madonna, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Pink, Gwen, NIN, AFI, Steve-O & More

My Chemical Romance guitarist leaves tour; Madonna to screen 'Arthur' at schools; Keys nabs Legend for LP.

Wolfmother Hope To Upset Nine Inch Nails And Tool, Wolf Down A Grammy

Band recently cranked out new track 'Love Attacker'; plan to tour through July.

For The Record: Quick News On Rihanna, Luda, Lady Sov, Kelis, Nas, Harry Potter, Angelina Jolie & More

New Year's Eve rosters bulk up; Kelis, Nas salute magazine's 10th anniversary; Harry Potter welcome in Georgia.

For The Record: Quick News On Notorious B.I.G., Guns N' Roses, Steven Tyler, Nine Inch Nails, T.I., Nelly & More

Reward offered for Biggie information; GN'R reschedule tour dates, add shows; Tyler battles Hepatitis C.