Biggie, Jam Master Jay, Left Eye And Their Mothers Honored At B.I.G. Night Out

Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Mike Tyson among those who attended event Tuesday in New York.

Mr. Cheeks Finds Inspiration In Cult Classic 'Let's Do It Again'

Rapper's video for 'Friday Night' will mimic 1975 Sidney Poitier comedy.

Shooter Pleads Guilty In Murder Of Lost Boyz's Freaky Tah

Kelvin Jones faces prison term of 15 years to life.

The Return Of The Lost Boyz

Suspects Held Without Bail; Rappers Deny Rivalry With Lost Boyz

Three defendants charged with second-degree murder.

Two Confess To Freaky Tah Murder, Assistant DA Says

Freaky Tah, Dave Navarro, Coolio, Ice-T, Madonna, Gene Loves Jezebel, KMFDM, Berlin, Britney Spears...

Freaky Tah One Of Three Killed In Feud, Police Say

Lost Boyz rapper was targeted because he was believed to be a relative of shooter in another killing, source says.

Two Additional Suspects Arrested In Freaky Tah Slaying

Suspect Confesses To Shooting Freaky Tah, Police Say

Accused gunman is one of three suspects arrested in murder of Lost Boyz rapper.

Rapper Freaky Tah Killed For Revenge, Police Say

Separately, authorities say they have 'an idea' who killed rapper Big L one month earlier.

Man Arrested In Freaky Tah Murder

New York man, 22, accused in March 28 shooting of Lost Boyz rapper.

NYC Police Arrest Suspect For Murder Of Lost Boyz's Freaky Tah

No Delay for Lost Boyz Album

Police Seek Possible Tie In Freaky Tah, Big L Killings

Two rappers, murdered a month apart, were acquaintances and had worked together.

Lost Boyz's Freaky Tah Shot And Killed In Queens

Lost Boyz Rapper Murdered

Police say they have no suspect or motive in Sunday morning shooting of Freaky Tah.

Lost Boyz Album Due In June

Lost Boyz Ready To Join Lolla Line-up

En Vogue, Lost Boyz, Megadeth Arrive On Charts

Lost Boyz

Nah, it ain't about the cash. If it were, we'd be broke now right?