L7's Gardner Has Breasts Cast For Art's Sake

L7's Donita Sparks

L7 Video Shoot Stalled By Bomb Threat

L7 To Get Slap-Happy On The Road

Metal-rock band's tour to support new album includes headlining gigs, support dates for industrial rockers Ministry.

L7 Preps New Album, Tour With Ministry

Lilith Rep Responds to L7 Air Attack

Banner pulled by plane called 'clever PR move.'

L7 Mock Warped, Lilith In The Sky

L7, Sonic Youth, Beck, Beastie Boys, The Artist, Britney Spears, Joey McIntyre, Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill ...

L7 Forms Label With Bong Load Records, Preps New Album

L7 Preview New Songs

L7, Mase, DJ Hurricane, Billy Corgan, Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie, Liam Gallagher, David Bowie, Lauryn Hill, Ol' Dirty Bastard ...

L7 Plan To Launch Own Label With New LP

Hard-rockers readying Wax Tadpole Records' first release for summer or fall.

L7 Get Worldly With A Live Album, Home Video

Ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic directed shoot of all-female punk band in concert.

L7 Ready Live LP, Documentary

L7, Johnny Cash, Brian Wilson, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Black Star, Tito Jackson, Beat Junkies...

L7 Live Album, Documentary Due In December

L7 Visualize Success

L7 To Return In Film And On Disc

L7, Bauhaus, DJ Spooky, Joan Baez, Sugarcubes, Vic Chesnutt, Wilco…

L7's Donita Sparks

L7 Get Ugly In The Eyes Of Fans

Band sponsors drawing contest and offers odor-eaters to person who draws most horrendous depiction.

L7 Down And Dirty On And Off Stage

They are not angry chick rockers, but a bunch of rock-hard musicians with foul mouths.

Republica Salutes Gary Numan And L7 With Help From Prodigy

Offspring, L7 To Kick Off Foundations Forum


Jennifer quit to become a supermodel. Good luck to her!

Dinosaur Jr., Morphine, L7 Set To Play Board Event

L7's Triumphant Return

L7's New Album, Bassist, And Tour