Kelis Chronicles Alleged Physical Abuse By Her Ex Nas

She claims she suffered 'mental and physical abuse' during their marriage

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Kelis Was Here, 10 Years Later

Kelis's 2006 album wasn't perfect. But declarations of independence rarely are.

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Kelis doesn't drink milkshakes, so now what are we supposed to believe?

Kelis Talks 'Food,' Pharrell, And Her Style Evolution

Kelis Says It’s Funny To See Who Her Son Knight Is Becoming

Kelis says her son Knight, with rapper/ex Nas, is taking after her. The tot appears on the Food singer's new track "Breakfast."

Kelis Would Rather Cook Sauces Than Beef With Ex Nas

Kelis says that's so not her wedding dress on the cover of Nas' Life is Good.

Kelis Gets Over 'Duck Dynasty' Dudes In 'Rumble' Video

In Kelis' new video for "Rumble," the "Milkshake" singer makes peace with an ex next to some very "Duck Dynasty"-styled guys. Watch the "Food" track's clip, here.

Video Premiere: Dan Black Featuring Kelis, 'Hearts'

Dan Black and Kelis party on a rooftop in their "Hearts" video.

Nas Dedicates Life Is Good To Kelis And His Daughter

'This one is from the heart,' Nas tells MTV News about his latest album.

Kelis Reacts To Nas' Life Is Good Album Cover

'I can respect that he wears his feelings on his sleeve,' Kelis says of cover featuring her green wedding dress.

Nas Says Ugly Divorce From Kelis Proves 'Love Is A Beast'

'No one's exempt from people probing into your life once you get into the game,' Nasty Nas tells 'RapFix Live.'

Nas' Child, Spousal Support To Kelis Slashed In Half

Rapper is now obligated to fork over $25,000 a month to his ex-wife.

Kelis Says Recording Flesh Tone Was 'Freeing'

'I recorded it at home ... literally laying on my couch,' the singer laughs to MTV News of new album.

Kelis On Ex-Husband Nas: They're Friendly 'Sometimes'

Singer also tells PETA, 'Leave me alone.'

Nas Gets Contempt Charge Dismissed After Paying Child Support

Rapper's rep says he paid nearly $50,000 in back child-support payments to Kelis.

Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis $350K-Plus In Spousal, Child Support

Amount includes $10,000 a month to pay off spousal support already owed by the rapper totaling $299,015.

Kelis Calls Her 'Acapella' Video 'Really Tribal'

'It's very 'last woman standing,' ' she says of the clip for her first Flesh Tone single.

Kelis Says Working With Will.I.Am On Flesh Tone 'Felt Right'

'He's great because he has a really vast knowledge of music,' she says of the Black Eyed Peas mastermind.

Kelis Takes Her Dance Hit 'Acapella' To Winter Music Conference

Singer, who hits WMC 2010 later this week, says 'Acapella' is a 'really great song to perform.'

Alex McQueen Remembered By Kelis, Kim Kardashian, Others

Celebrity friends and colleagues react to the news of Alexander McQueen's tragic passing on Thursday.

Nas To Pay Kelis $51,000 A Month In Support

Judge rules that rapper has means to increase child and spouse payments.

Kelis Says New Album Will Have 'Futuristic Disco' Sound

'It's sort of a new-age disco,' singer says of LP, due next year.