Haylie Duff Goes From ‘Girl In The Band’ To Chef

Haylie Duff is hitting the road for her new cooking show, 'Haylie's America.'

Haylie Duff Is A Mom!

Haylie Duff welcomes a baby girl.

Better Than A Liger? 'Napoleon Dynamite' Cast Reunites For 10th Anniversary Pic

The cast of 'Napoleon Dynamite' gathered for a reunion picture recently and it was awesome. The film's 10th anniversary will be celebrated next month.

Hilary Duff's Dad Jailed Following Birthday-Party Court Battle

Bob Duff was found in contempt of court during argument with Hilary's mom over star's 21st birthday bash.

For The Record: Quick News On Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Haylie Duff, Jet, Metallica, Nick Lachey & More

Fans petition against Beyoncé's 'Deja Vu' video; Timberlake talks Britney breakup; Duff juggles Broadway, TV.

Haylie Duff Does Broadway: A Behind-The-Scenes Countdown

From first day of 'Hairspray' rehearsal to opening-night debut that brought Hilary to tears, we were there.

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Duff shows her 'bad' side; Aguilera keeping her name; Chappelle sued.

Can't Get Enough Of The Duffs? Just Wait

Hilary, Haylie pack their 2005 schedules with movies, music, TV.

Duff Sisters Talk About Their Long 'To Do' List, From Madonna To McDonald's

Films, voiceovers, tours, charities to come in the girls' busy schedules.

Duff Sisters To Channel The Hiltons, And Possibly Madonna, For 'Material Girls'

Hilary, Haylie hope to cover Madge's 1984 hit on soundtrack LP.

Inside The VMA Chaos Of Hilary And Haylie Duff's Hotel Room

Photos, interviews, makeup ... all part of the metamorphosis.

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Haylie Duff Not Giving Up On 'Screwed'

Leak Complicates Paris/ Haylie Fight Over Who Gets 'Screwed'

Struggle over same song heats up due to Internet leak.

Hilary And Haylie Give The Go-Go's A Double-Duff Treatment

'Our Lips Are Sealed' duet to be in younger sister's next flick.