Lindsay Lohan Re-Creates Nude Marilyn Monroe Photo Shoot; Plus Amy Winehouse, Lil Jon, Mario, 'Idol' & More, In For The Record

Winehouse to perform at Brit Awards; Jon's label, TVT Records, declares bankruptcy; Mario to compete on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

New Releases: Chris Rock, They Might Be Giants, Goldfinger, Damon & Naomi

Comedian's Never Scared takes mostly from his HBO special.

Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger Join Forces For Tour

Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger outing kicks off July 13 in Philadelphia.

Goldfinger Finds Lift With "99 Red Balloons"

Eve 6 Sets Dates For Goldfinger, Dynamite Hack Tour

Goldfinger To Release EP Of Covers

BASEketball Soundtrack Lineup Announced

Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Nerf Herder, Supersuckers, Cherry Poppin' Daddies...

Sugar Ray To Team With Goldfinger, Save Ferris For U.S. Tour

Goldfinger SonicNet Chat Wednesday!


Darrin has no package, what are you talking about? He is 6'4 and he NO penis.

Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Wesley Willis Revisit Duran Duran

Goldfinger Singer Exposes His Hang Ups

Album about being on the road, offers insight into all the band has gone through in the past year.

Goldfinger's New LP Enters Another Dimension

Goldfinger Take "Hang-Ups" On The Road

Goldfinger Drummer Scoffs At Ska Stereotyping


You are easily amused.