Nicki Minaj Wishes Foxy Brown A Happy Birthday -- Watch!

Nicki Minaj paused the NYFW madness to wish Foxy Brown a happy birthday. A couple days late, but whatever!

Foxy Brown Storms Back With First-Ever 'Bandz Up' Performance: Watch!

Watch as Pusha T and Lil Cease continue to celebration Brooklyn on a special All Access episode of 'RapFix Live' from the Barclays Center today at 5 p.m. ET

Foxy Brown On Lil' Kim: We Have To 'Dead Our Beef' Before Reunion

Fabolous' failed plan to pair Foxy with Kim at Summer Jam didn't feel 'real,' she tells 'RapFix Live.'

Foxy Brown Makes Tearful Plea To Haters: 'Let Me Live'

'I have tears in my eyes right now because what I've been through,' Foxy Brown tells 'RapFix Live'

Nicki Minaj Calls Foxy Brown 'The Most Influential Female Rapper'

'When you get where you have arrived to, you give thanks to people who opened those doors,' Nicki tells MTV News.

Foxy Brown Drops Lil' Kim Dis Track

'Glasshouse, throwing them stones/ Bear witness to the rise and fall of Miss Kimberly Jones,' Foxy raps.

Foxy Brown Says Firm Reunion Is Up To Nas And Cormega

Foxy Brown says that she thinks she can bring about a reunion of the Firm if she can get Nas and Cormega to work out their differences.

Foxy Brown Testifies Before Grand Jury

'It feels so good to tell the truth,' Brooklyn MC says after giving testimony related to her July arrest.

Foxy Brown Involved In Scuffle With Manager, Others

Witnesses confirm that MC was involved in fracas with manager and others in New York apartment building.

Foxy Brown, Tony Yayo Speak About Sean Bell Settlement

Brown, a friend of Bell's fiancée, says she 'handled everything so gracefully.'

Foxy Brown Says She 'Applauds' Nicki Minaj

'When you're a boss bitch, you give it up,' Foxy says, squashing any talk of a rivalry with the Barbie, in Mixtape Daily.

Foxy Brown: Lindsay Lohan's Jail Sentence 'Brought Back Tears And Memories'

MC, who spent a year in prison, says, 'My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan.'

Exclusive: Foxy Brown Discusses Her Legal Woes

'If my name was Keisha Brown and not Foxy Brown, I would have been let go,' the MC tells MTV News of latest arrest.

Foxy Brown Arrested After Dispute With Neighbor

Neighbor has a restraining order against New York MC, who has been released on $50,000 bail.

Diddy, Swizz Beatz Celebrate Damion 'D-Roc' Butler's Freedom At NYC Party

Junior M.A.F.I.A. member, who was featured in 'Notorious,' went to prison after 2001 shootout.

Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim Sued By Publisher Over Undelivered Books

Brown was due to write autobiography, Kim a novel

Rick Ross Denies Foxy Brown Engagement Rumors: 'I'm Married To The Money'

Rapper declines to say whether he and Brown are dating.

Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty In BlackBerry Assault Case, Avoiding Further Prison Time

'She's really happy and excited to move forward,' rapper's lawyer says of scrapped felony charges.

Foxy Brown, 'So Happy' To Be Out Of Prison, Says 'I Did Not Deserve A Sentence That Harsh'

'I feel that I went through an enormous change, and I'm really excited,' MC says.

Foxy Brown Weeps, Plugs New Album As She's Released From Prison

Rapper did eight months of her one-year sentence for probation violations.

Foxy Brown To Be Released From Prison Friday, Manager Says; Reality Show, New LP In The Works

MC's next album is slated for release on May 13.

Missy Elliott Goes 3-D In New Video; Plus Foxy Brown, Styles P, Clay Aiken, Radiohead, Arcade Fire & More, In For The Record

Judge denies Brown's jail-release request; Styles P hops onto AZ album; Aiken too busy to date.

Foxy Brown Raps About Her Rocky Year In New Track Leaked Online

Rapper's manager says Brown shows vulnerability for the first time on 'Star Cry.'

Usher's Father Passes Away; Plus Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Foxy Brown, Amy Winehouse, Paramore & More, In For The Record

Spears spends two hours in deposition; Lohan gets rough justice; Winehouse shows up at courthouse after husband pleads innocent.