The Time For The Emo Revival Is Now

Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib on listening to a new American Football album in 2016

21 Emo Albums You Definitely Owned In 2006

These are the emo (and semi-emo) albums everyone owned in 2006, including you.

Bow Wow, Omarion 'Bringing The Noise' With R. Kelly; Plus Jordin Sparks, Don Vito, Britney Spears, DMX & More, In For The Record

Sparks talks debut LP; Vincent Margera hit with 12 counts of violating bail; Spears' and Kevin Federline's lawyers discuss child-abuse investigation.

For The Record: Quick News On MCR, Madonna, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Pink, Gwen, NIN, AFI, Steve-O & More

My Chemical Romance guitarist leaves tour; Madonna to screen 'Arthur' at schools; Keys nabs Legend for LP.