Black Woodstock

Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib witnesses joy and healing at Georgia's Many Rivers festival

This New Posse Cut With DMC, PMD, MC Serch And Chuck D Will Blow Your Mind

DMC, PMD, MC Serch and Chuck D hop on the new track, 'Hellraisers.'

More Unreleased 2Pac Greatness: Check Out This Letter He Sent Chuck D

Check out this letter that 2Pac wrote to Chuck D from jail in 1995.

Trayvon Martin's Death Still Haunts Hip-Hop, One Year Later

'The obvious point is that this young man lost his life from an unjust situation, and it needs to be hammered home,' Chuck D tells CNN.

LL Cool J, Chuck D Toast Hip-Hop, Adam Yauch With Grammys' Last Performance

Performance with Travis Barker, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and DJ Z-Trip closed Sunday's Grammys.

Chuck D Says Grammy Team-Up With LL Cool J 'Won't Be No Weak Sh--'

'You can't mail it in,' D says of his Grammy performance with LL, Travis Barker, Tom Morello and DJ Z-Trip.

Nora's Frontman Is Sick Of 50 Cent; Plus Dethklok, Amenta & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'Our music community leaves us ... stuff like 50 Cent. ... It makes you miss Chuck D.'

Where Is The Voice Of Protest In Today's Music? Chuck D, Tom Morello Have Ideas

Even as Bush's approval ratings plummet, musicians are mostly mum on political issues.

Hip-Hop's Royalty Show Off Their Crown Jewels In 'Bling Bling'

Book looks at both the old school (Slick Rick, Chuck D) and new (50 Cent, Lil Jon).

Axl Rose, Game, Charlie Murphy Lend Voices To 'San Andreas'

Chuck D, Samuel Jackson, David Cross also in latest 'GTA' game.

LL Cool J, Chuck D Take Opposing Sides At File-Sharing Hearing

Rappers testify at Capitol Hill hearing on file-sharing crackdown.

Chuck D, Alanis Morissette, Peter Gabriel To Be Honored By Rock The Vote

Morissette and Gabriel to receive the Patrick Lippert Award, Chuck D to receive the Rock the Vote Founders' Award.

Judge Orders New Hearing For Mumia Abu-Jamal

New hearing ordered for cause célèbre whose supporters include Zack de la Rocha.

Mellencamp With India.Arie, Chuck D

Heartland rocker also joined in studio by Trisha Yearwood.

LL Cool J, Ja Rule Hear Farrakhan Challenge Rap Community

Second day of Russell Simmons' Hip-Hop Summit also features speech from head of NAACP.

Sevendust, Lit, Chuck D Salute Twisted Sister

Joan Jett, Cradle of Filth, Anthrax among other artists contributing to tribute album due in August.

De La Rocha, More Contribute To Mumia Abu-Jamal's Third LP

Essays, interviews, spoken-word pieces comprise 175 Progress Drive, named for Mumia's death-row address.Drive, named for Mumia's death-row address.

KRS-One Kicks Off Hip-Hop Appreciation Week

Chuck D, DJ Ralph McDaniels, Al Sharpton to turn out for events.

Alanis To Testify At U.S. Senate Hearing

The singer/songwriter is slated to give the U.S. Senate a jagged little piece of her mind as a witness during Tuesday's hearing on digital music issues, according to a source close to the proceedings. Don Henley will also testify.

Napster Dividing Artists From Prince 2 Dave Matthews

While Chuck D, DMB embrace file-sharing service and Dre, Metallica denounce it, Prince encourages musicians to take control of distribution.

Artists Band Together To Save The Music

Forums in Philadelphia and Los Angeles aim to draw music education to attention of political conventions.

Chuck D's Confrontation Camp Leaves Warped Tour

Chuck D Criticizes Chief For Siding With RIAA Against Napster

Rapper accuses recording industry of trying to maintain status quo, getting greedy for consumer dollars.

Chuck D Praises Napster At Congressional Hearing

Informational committee session intended for e-commerce, copyright-protection legislation.