Chris Rock Is Putting His Own Spin On Saw

Rock will take Saw to a 'really intense' and 'twisted new place'

15 Photos That Prove The 2000 VMAs Were Trippy As Hell

The turn of the century was...weird. Check out these pics from the Y2K VMAs to see familiar faces in styles from another universe.

Chris Rock To Host 2014 BET Awards

'Where else can you get Rick Ross and Michelle Obama in the same room?! ' asks Rock

Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Cast At 'Longest Yard' Premiere

Former 'Idol' contestant Constantine Maroulis also on hand Thursday.

New Releases: Chris Rock, They Might Be Giants, Goldfinger, Damon & Naomi

Comedian's Never Scared takes mostly from his HBO special.

For The Record: Quick News On Ja Rule, Nelly, Jessica Simpson, Bright Eyes, Jam Master Jay, Chris Rock & More

Ja Rule and Cam party with the Roc, Bright Eyes' Oberst wilds out in Texas, Ozzy's box set coming in March.

Lil Jon's Crunk Juice Finalized; Usher, Luda, Nas, Snoop, Chris Rock On Board

Album also features contributions from the Neptunes, Rick Rubin.

Chris Rock To Host The Oscars

Academy Awards will be broadcast live February 27 on ABC.

Chris Rock Would Have Hosted The VMAs This Year, If ...

Funnyman says nobody told him awards were being held in Miami.

Chris Rock Spoofs 'Hey Ya!': 'It's Like Public Enemy — But Funny'

Parody song and video bring racial politics to Outkast's cheerful melody.

Nelly To Join Adam Sandler, Chris Rock In 'The Longest Yard'

But prior commitments keep Snoop off the team.

Chris Rock, Jack Black, Demi Moore At 'Fahrenheit' Premiere

Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew Perry also on hand.

Chris Rock To Host 2003 MTV Video Music Awards

Ceremony to take place August 28 at Radio City Music Hall.

Chris Rock's Quest For Oval Office Dominates Box Office

'Bringing Down the House' falls to #2 as 'The Core,' 'Basic' debut at #3, #4.

In Theaters: Journey To 'The Core,' Political Uproar And Mystery In The Corps

'The Core,' 'Head of State,' 'Basic' and 'Spirited Away' open on Friday.

Backstreet Boys Mobbed, Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker, DMX Hot: This Week In 1999

Hopkins, Bullock Dealing With Crazy People This Weekend

'Bad Company,' 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood' hitting theaters.

Hannibal Lecter + Pootie Tang's Daddy = Box Office Gold?

'Bad Company,' starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock, may determine Rock's future in Hollywood.

Kelly Rowland Spreads Wings With 'Angel'

She becomes first Destiny's Child member to go solo, with song on 'Down to Earth' soundtrack, due February 13.

Ice Cube On Kickin' It With Chris Rock

Why Chris Rock Took VMA Gig: "Music Just Seemed More Exciting"

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