Bratmobile, Le Tigre, Indigo Girl Do It Themselves At Ladyfest(s)

Funk pioneers ESG, Indigo Girl Amy Ray among performers at Chicago edition of feminist indie fest.

Frank Black, Bis, Devo Drawn In For Powerpuff LP

Boisterous Bis Prove They Can Rock

Oft-dismissed Scottish pop-punkers' hour-long set showcases their latest album, Social Dancing.

Bis, Kristin Hersh ...

Bis' 'Eurodisco'

Bis' 'Detour'

Bis' 'Action & Drama'

New Bis Album Due In March

Bis, Superchunk, No Means No, The Verve, Heart, Thurston Moore...

Bis Lends A Hand To "The Powerpuff Girls"

Bis To Release Album Of B-Sides And Rarities

Bis: Catching Up With The Electric Youth


We're all fighting over the keyboard