Pansy Division Are Still Here, Still Queer On Quite Contrary

The influential band offers pop-punk for a post-Orlando world on their new album

The Julie Ruin Hit Reset And Reach New Heights

Kathleen Hanna and her bandmates on their bold new direction.

Sexism Still Exists, So We Still Need Bikini Kill

Bikini Kill is reissuing their first album -- so we decided to check in on the band what they think of riot grrrl today.

Girls To the Front: Today Is The Most Feminist Day Of The Year

April 9, 2015 is Riot Grrrl Day in Boston.

Best Of '99: Ex-Bikini Kill Singer Bares Teeth With Le Tigre

Kathleen Hanna's new band blends anger, academia and a melodic brew of samples.

New CD From Ex–Bikini Kill Singer Coming

Ex-Bikini Kill Leader Back On Stage At Benefit

Rock icon Joan Jett joined riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna for first show since band's breakup.

Bikini Kill's Kathi Wilcox

Bikini Kill Finally Gonna Have Their Say

In ATN: An Exclusive Interview With Kathleen Hanna!

Kathleen Hanna Sheds Bikini Kill And Slips Into (Julie) Ruin

She breaks musical ties with riot-grrrl, punk-pop style of former band with new album.

Bikini Kill's Singles'

Ex-Bikini Kill Singer To Release Julie Ruin LP

Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna

Bikini Kill Singer's Solo Album

Kathleen Hanna, Wallflowers, Spice Girls, Boyz II Men, M. Gira, Howard Jones...

Hanna In Ruin After Bikini's Demise

Bikini Kill, Willie Nelson, Oasis, Coolio, Imogen Heap, Butthole Surfers...

Bikini Kill Breakup?

Grrrl Pioneers Bikini Kill Split Up

Pioneering neo-feminist punkers call it quits after half the band heads East to focus on other projects.

Bikini Kill's Stab At EP Compilation

Bikini Kill, Gary Glitter, Metallica, Propellerheads, Bangs, Tarnation...