Rick Ross Comforts LeBron While Austin Mahone Parties For His NBA Champion Spurs

It was a tough night for Miami Heat fan Rick Ross, but he still had his team's back even if it was Austin Mahone who got to celebrate his hometown club's NBA Finals championship.

Austin Mahone Reveals He Kissed A Fan, And -- WAIT, WHAT?!

On June 12, Austin Mahone hit up VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" to talk about kissing Mahomies with host Nick Lachey and perform his single, "MMM Yeah."

Mariah Carey Finds #1 Spot 'Elusive'

Mariah Carey's 14th studio album had a rough open, landing at #3 with the smallest first-week numbers for a non-holiday album and getting beat out by Coldplay.

O-Town Drop A New Song, 50 Cent's Priceless Pitch And Everything You #NeedToKnow

O-Town hit us with their first single in 10 years, 50 Cent pitches poorly, and all the stories you #NeedToKnow from this week!

Austin Mahone's 'Shadow' Video Is Here, And It's Highly Emotional!

Did you hear? Billboard's predicting Austin Mahone's "The Secret" will debut at No. 3! Let's celebrate by watching his new video for "Shadow."

Austin Mahone Literally Can't Stop Saying 'MMM Yeah' In This Supercut

Pause "The Secret," Mahomies! Watch this supercut from an Austin Mahone interview that proves that the "Next To You" singer can't stop saying "MMM Yeah."

The 16 Best Reactions To Austin Mahone's The Secret

Austin Mahone's fans love The Secret, out May 27 (today!). Check 'em out here.

Austin Mahone Reveals 'The Secret' Of His Craziest Fan Encounter

Hours before his new album 'The Secret' drops, Austin Mahone appeared on The Today Show and relived the tale of his craziest fan encounter.

Exclusive Premiere: Austin Mahone's New Track, 'Next To You'

Austin Mahone has a new song out! Listen to "Next to You" right now!

Austin Mahone's 'Funny Or Die' Skit Made Us Pee Our Collective Pants In Terror

Austin Mahone's Funny or Die skit is scarier than sh--.

We Challenge Austin Mahone's Selfie To A Staring Contest

Who wants to have a staring contest with this selfie that Austin Mahone just posted on Instagram? Everybody? Alright!

Austin Mahone & Camila Cabello Take A Selfie From The Weirdest Location

Well, that escalated quickly! Austin Mahone Instagrammed a selfie with Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello from what might have been a date.

Austin Mahone's New Song 'All I Ever Need' Takes A Turn For The Usher

Listen to Austin Mahone's new single off of "The Secret," "All I Ever Need," which is a more mature, more Usher-y, R&B track from the singer.

Here's How To Wish Celebrity Moms A Happy Mother's Day

Wish Taylor Swift's mom a happy Mother's Day, along with these other celeb moms. Here's how to do it!

Starting To Think Austin Mahone Just Doesn't Own A Shirt

Hey, Austin Mahone, you've been shirtless in a lot of your Instagram photos lately. Did you, like, burn all your shirts or something? Talk about "MMM Yeah"...

9 Lyric Videos That Might As Well Be Music Videos

From Ariana Grande's "Problem" to 5 Seconds of Summer's "Don't Stop," we show you 9 lyric videos that went above and beyond.

Austin Mahone Wrote His Next Single In The Bathroom

Austin Mahone reveals his new single "All I Ever Need" was written in the bathroom with friend Robert.

Austin Mahone's Spilling Secrets! Get Ready To Learn '100 Things' About Austin Saturday On MTV

Austin Mahone reveals '100 Things' his Mahomies fan base didn't know about him on MTV on Saturday, May 3.

'Member When Austin Mahone Melted Our Hearts With 'Say Somethin'' Acoustic?

For Throwback Thursday, let's rewind back to Austin Mahone's 2012 acoustic performance of "Say Somethin'" on "Buzzworthy Live," hmmm?

Austin Mahone Flips, Strips Shirtless For Votes Because Democracy

Get out the Mahomie vote, indeed! Austin Mahone's gunning for iHeartRadio's Instagram Award, and there's no shirtless selfie or flip video he won't use to get it.

Wait, Did Austin Mahone & Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello Go Out On, Like, A Real Date-Date?!

Congratulations, Ausmila shippers! Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello had a movie night on Sunday and posted photos from it on Instagram.

It's Shirtless Austin Mahone To The Rescue!

Austin Mahone might have just revealed that he's a shirtless superhero with this Instagram photo, which is perfect because we're now drowning in a puddle of drool. SAVE US, AUSTIN!

Austin Mahone Lets Fans In On The Secret: New Song And Track List

Mahomies who pre-ordered the release got a new '90s throwback track, 'Till I Find You.'

Austin Mahone Is Shirtless In The Rain, And THIS IS NOT A DRILL

Get thee to a fainting couch, Mahomies! Austin Mahone shared a photo of him playing ball shirtless in the rain, but don't panic! We'll get through this.