Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Party Before Saturday's Wedding: Reports

The couple has asked wedding guests to wear dark cocktail attire, says.

Are Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Getting Married This Weekend? 'Blah, I Got Nothing,' Wentz Tells MTV News

'I wish we could write a fun story about music or a robot that's really a human or something,' Wentz says.

Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson And Some Naked Soul-Searching, In Bigger Than The Sound

From rumored sex tapes to monitoring baby bumps, the media landscape has dramatically changed.

Ashlee Simpson Ready To Unleash Pete Wentz-Free Bittersweet World

'I'm never going to be recording 'Married Couple Lullabies' or something like that,' she says.

Ashlee Simpson Talks About Pregnancy Rumors During Visit To MTV

Singer says some aspects of her life need to be kept 'personal.'

Pete Wentz Denies Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant: Exclusive

'There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood,' Wentz tells MTV News.

Ashlee Simpson And Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Get Engagement Congrats From Family, Fans, Bandmates -- And An Ex!

'I'm happy for myself, too. I'll probably get to wear a tux,' FOB's Patrick Stump says.

Ashlee Simpson And Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Are Engaged

'We wanted to be the first to tell you and to hear it straight from us,' the couple write in a blog post.

Grammys From The Couch: Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Reviews The Show He Boycotted ...

The show 'could have even been a bit better if I hadn't thrown a tantrum about it like a 3-year-old,' the rocker writes.

Ashlee Simpson Reveals Christmas Gifts For Fans (New Album Title) And Pete Wentz (Shh!)

'It's kind of how I feel about the world right now,' singer says of upcoming LP's name, Bittersweet World.

Donda West 911 Call Posted Online; Plus Killers, Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Madonna & More, In For The Record

Brandon Flowers cross-examined by ex-manager's lawyers; FOB guitarist lashes out over Simpson rumors; Timbaland reportedly plays JT/Madge collabo.

Ashlee Simpson Hears Voices, Gets No Help From Timbaland In Surreal New Video

'It's probably the weirdest video I've seen of hers,' boyfriend Pete Wentz says of clip for 'Out of My Head (Ay Ya Ya).'

Pete Wentz Is Welcome For Xmas With The Simpsons, Contrary To Rumor

Fall Out Boy bassist says his holiday plans are uncertain, but Joe Simpson 'called me to let me know he expects me to show up for Xmas.'

Ashlee Simpson Shoots 'Out There' Video; Plus Kanye West, Avril Lavigne, Gorillaz, J.K. Rowling, Velvet Revolver & More, In For The Record

West drops out of U.S. show at last minute; Lavigne, Gorillaz items featured in auctions; Rowling documentary on the way.

T.I.'s Lawyers Claim Evidence Was Illegally Seized; Plus Nick Hogan, Wu-Tang Clan, Ashlee Simpson & More, In For The Record

Hogan's driver's license suspended; Wu-Tang announce tour; Robert Smith denies working with Ashlee.

Ashlee Simpson Talks About Her 'Highs And Lows,' New LP At CosmoGirl! Awards

Timbaland-produced first single due in January, album in March, singer says.

Lindsay Lohan Starts Community Service; Plus Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, Radiohead, Beyonce, Foxy Brown & More, In For The Record

Simpson, others join Wentz for karaoke contest; Radiohead's former label yanks box-set ad; billboard featuring B comes under fire.

Justin Timberlake's Deluxe Sounds; Plus Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, 50 Cent, Ashlee Simpson & More, In For The Record

Spears to hold open casting call for dancers; Lohan countersues over 2005 crash; 50 talks with high schoolers.

Nicole Scherzinger Shows Skin For Blender; Plus Foxy Brown, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, White Stripes, Nas & More, In For The Record

Brown refuses to attend court arraignment — twice; Lohan might buy house in Utah, dad says; B gets her own phone.

Amy Winehouse To Perform At Woodie Awards; Plus Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Linkin Park, Perez Hilton, Britney Spears & More, In For The Record

Amy Winehouse might have missed the VMAs, but she's hoping to make up for her absence with a rare performance at the mtvU Woodie Awards next month.

Snoop Dogg Strikes Plea Deal; Plus Game, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, My Chemical Romance, Yung Joc & More, In For The Record

Game gets conditional discharge; Dre says 'nobody is gonna back down' in 50/Game rift; Gerard Way rails against emo, praises Bon Jovi.

Britney Spears Reportedly Goes Partying; Plus Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Ashlee Simpson, Game & More, In For The Record

JT says he hasn't spoken with Brit in years; West, Winehouse score MOBO Awards; Simpson talks new LP.

Ashlee Simpson Gives Pete Wentz A Lapdance, Cee-Lo Moons, T.I. Rocks JD's Bash: It's The VMA Party Report!

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz got a lapdance from girlfriend Ashlee Simpson, Cee-Lo mooned, Paris Hilton rocked Diddy's soiree at post-VMA parties.

Ashlee Simpson's Bad-Girl Alter Ego Rules New Timbaland-Produced Album

Singer gave sneak peek of tracks from her November album on Saturday in Las Vegas.