Is John Boyega Playing A [SPOILER] In The New 'Star Wars' Movie?

There's a storm coming.

Warning: Possible "Star Wars" spoilers ahead.

With more than a year standing between us and "Star Wars: Episode VII," it's only a matter of time before character and story information about the sci-fi saga's comeback start to unravel.

In fact, that time might be now. Over the weekend, one report emerged about how "Episode VII" begins — literally, its opening shot — and how that bit of information jumpstarts the rest of the film, including how it brings Han Solo and Chewbacca back into the mix.

Now, Badass Digest is offering up even more information on "Episode VII," specifically as it pertains to John Boyega's character. If you don't want to know who Boyega is playing in the new movie, now would be the time to turn away.

According to BAD, Boyega is playing …

… one of these guys. Cue up your "isn't Boyega a little short to be a storm trooper" jokes now.

The report says Boyeaga plays a storm trooper who "deserts and teams up with Daisy Ridley's character." What's a storm trooper still doing in the galaxy far, far away, considering that Luke Skywalker and his fellow rebels squashed the Empire by the time the "Return of the Jedi" end credits rolled? Maybe it's not as simple as all that. Maybe the Empire remains active, or storm troopers have been repurposed in some way. Regardless, Devin Faraci of BAD reports that Boyega as a storm trooper is "the single most confirmed piece of news I've ever written about in terms of sheer volume of independent sources who agree." Take that as you will.

In case you missed the earlier "Star Wars" rumors, BAD's first report over the weekend claimed that "Episode VII" focuses on a severed hand gripping a light saber, floating through space and eventually winding up in the clutches of Ridley and Boyega's characters. They join together to bring the hand and lightsaber to its rightful owner, leading them to meet up with Han Solo and Chewbacca, no longer pilots of the Millennium Falcon. They say they haven't seen the owner of the hand in thirty years, since the events of "Jedi."

At first glance, it would seem the owner of the severed hand is Luke Skywalker, based on the events of "Empire Strikes Back." But in a series of tweets, Faraci downplayed that possibility:

If it's not Luke's severed hand, then who does it belong to? Could it be Darth Vader's hand, which was removed during his final battle aboard the Death Star? Does it belong to someone else entirely?

We won't know the answers anytime soon, which leaves plenty to speculate about between now and the release of "Episode VII" in over a year.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" arrives on December 18, 2015.

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