Wiz Khalifa Turned Adele's 'Hello' Into A Stoner Anthem

'Roll one up and let's get highhhhhh...'

Wiz Khalifa has many talents, but his most frequently deployed may be his specialized ability to turn any song or beat into an anthem for weed lovers everywhere. Take his latest conquest: Adele's "Hello."

During an appearance on Los Angeles' Power 106, Mister Cap flipped the hit into "Hella Os," a delightful jam for stoners worldwide, infusing some Khalifa Kush flavor into the instrumental.

I'm loving the remix, but my favorite part may be when, after the hosts ask Wiz what he's calling his remix, he responds, "What's her song called?"

He asks this, to be clear, about "Hello," which has been an inescapable song for just about everyone -- except, it seems, Wiz -- for the last few months. But he did seem familiar with the track in some capacity, since his remix used her same cadence, so who knows.

Either way, here's to hoping Young Khalifa decides to record a full-length of this gem.

Wiz's Khalifa album is hitting stores Feb. 5.

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