'Game Of Thrones': Maisie Williams Reveals Why, 'If You Carry Any Hope... You're Going To Be Disappointed'

"The Falling" and "Game of Thrones" star keeps it all too real.

Let's just keep one thing abundantly clear, readers: we at MTV News are still clinging on to every single thread of hope -- and every single thread of Kit Harington's luscious hair -- that Jon Snow will return to "Game of Thrones." So when his costar Maisie Williams said the other day that it was "pretty clear" that he wasn't coming back, we knew we had to follow up with her when we chatted with her about her (excellent) new film, "The Falling," at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday (July 9).

But unfortunately for us, the actress is not changing her tune.

"Jon Snow is dead, and you need to get over it," she told MTV News, when asked if she was ready for the slew of questions at Comic-Con. "That's my answer to everything. People are like 'no, but there's still hope!' And I'm like, 'if you carry any hope... you're going to be disappointed.'"

Well thanks for breaking our hearts, Maisie!

Also, when it comes to another highly-discussed topic on "Game of Thrones" -- its treatment of women; particularly when it comes to rape scenes -- Williams thoughtfully said that she respected the conversation, but hopes that it soon goes in a different direction.

"People are treated badly on the show... people, and animals," she said. "I feel like the controversy it's caused this year is rightful, and understandable, but I think they're not looking at the bigger picture. There's a lot of causes that people need to fight for and stick up for that we're targeting on the show... there's plenty of other things that are disturbing and should be equally argued over."

"I just think that it's important that we're making people think," she continued. "The time in which 'Game of Thrones' is set, women were treated particularly awfully. As with a lot of fantasy shows, we love to push boundaries and touch on controversial subjects. I think it should be taken as a series as a whole, and not just particular scenes that are particularly offensive to people."

We hear you loud and clear, Maisie. Find out what else she had to say about "Game of Thrones" -- including the current status of her relationship with Sophie Turner, and her thoughts on playing blind -- in the video, and if you're still bummed about Jon Snow, let this adorable GIF of Queen Arya Stark sooth your troubled soul: