Lil Wayne Calls 'Green And Yellow' 'Perfect' Comeback Remix

New Orleans MC also maintains he's always been pro-Packers since his father brought home swag from the 1997 Super Bowl.

When the Green Bay Packers go up against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Wisconsin heavyweights will have the support of Lil Wayne, who recently dropped the [article id="1657206"]Packers-pride anthem "Green and Yellow." Weezy's revamp of Wiz Khalifa's[/article] Steelers-pumping hit, "Black and Yellow," surfaced online Thursday, and on Friday morning (February 4), the MC opened up about the whirlwind creation of the track.

Sporting a dark-green Packers shirt and spectacles with his long dreads in thick braids, Wayne explained his reasons for crafting "Green and Yellow" on ESPN's "First Take."

"What happened was I was watching some of those Steelers on media day, and one of them said, after they was finished doing their interview, 'Black and yellow, black and yellow.' I was like, 'You know what? I'm such a Cheesehead, such a Packer fan, I might as well go in there and make 'Green and Yellow,' " he said. Then the process from an idea in Weezy's head to a full-fledged remix moved swiftly, with Wayne releasing the track just a day after catching the Steelers on Tuesday. "I made it last night. I made it the night before last. I made it, and we just went viral with it."

While Wayne maintained the track is "not a dis song at all. It's a fight song," he admitted he's been getting some flak for the record. However, most of the negative feedback hasn't been from riled-up Steelers supporters, but rather New Orleans Saints fans who think Wayne should be showing more hometown love.

"I talked to [Packers player] Ryan Grant, and he was very thankful, like, 'We needed that.' I talked to [Steelers player] Ike Taylor, and he was kinda upset, 'cause, you know, he's from New Orleans. We went to the same high school together. A lot of people in New Orleans was upset because they expected me to be a big Saints fan, but I never was," Wayne admitted.

For fans confused by the "6 Foot 7 Foot" MC's allegiance to Green Bay, Wayne explained that rooting for the Packers is a family tradition.

"I've been a Packers fan. My father, my great, late father, he went to his first Super Bowl in 1997 when the Packers was in the Super Bowl in the Superdome. When he came home that night, he just came home with a bunch of Packers everything. Packers towels, Packers cups, so, you know, and I'm from the 'hood, and so we used those cups as dishes. We used those cups. So I remember drinking out of Packers cups for years, so I've been a Packers fan for years. I would get the 'John Madden' game, and Brett Favre was on the front of the cover, and I've been a Packers fan," Wayne recalled. "I don't want to be one of those Saints fans that became a Saints fan when they went to the Super Bowl. Everybody know the Saints been terrible for a long time, so I've been a Packers fan."

The remix marks the first time Weezy has reworked someone else's track since he was released from prison in November. The MC said he rode back into the remix game on Wiz's track because of its connection to the sports world.

"I actually thought it was coincidentally perfect, because the song ended up being a quote-unquote 'fight song' for the Steelers. I just thought I'd remix it," he explained. "I haven't done the remix to nobody's song, and I'm kinda popular for that. I'm popular for doing a remix to everybody's song, and since I came home from my vacation, I haven't done a remix to anybody's song, so I was like, 'This is the perfect first song to do it to.' "

Even though he jumped on Wiz's record, Wayne seemed to be down with challenging the Pittsburgh MC and fellow Steelers fan [article id="1654493"]Snoop Dogg -- who appeared on the "Black and Yellow" G-Mix[/article] -- to a bet on Sunday's match. But instead of forking over cash, Weezy proposed that the lyricists part with a signature part of their image.

"If they wanna make a wager I would say ... we all got long hair ... so whoever loses should cut their hair," Wayne said coolly.

Wiz Khalifa's monster record "Black and Yellow" has sparked remixes from not only Lil Wayne but also Fabolous, actor Tom Hanks' son Chet Haze, NBA ball club the Miami Heat and more.

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