Before Jared Leto Cuts Off All His Hair, He Needs To Test Out These Styles

Long live Coachella Jesus

Reincarnated ancient biblical figure Jared Leto has been hypnotizing us with his flowing mane of ombréd wonder for the last year and a half, but unfortunately for earth's legions of man-bun enthusiasts, the time has come: Jared Leto, the glorious hairspo we didn't deserve but the one we needed, might be cutting off his hair very soon.

In an interview with Fashionista, Chase Kusero (Jared's longtime hairstylist and true hero of hair follicles everywhere) revealed that due to upcoming film roles, Jared is probably going to have to ditch his signature locks "for characters." Why filmmakers can't work some hommbre or "mraids" into their scripts, we'll never know.

Well, before we retreat into a corner to weep for all eternity, we came up with some styles he should try before his long hair is long gone. Check 'em out below.

Fishtail Braid

Similar to the mraid he wore to the Golden Globes? Yes, but the modern, messy take on a regular braid would be the perf sendoff to Jared's Rapunzel hair.

Colorful Ombré Braid

Go big or go home, Jared! Kick your mraids and ombré up a notch with this cotton candy lewk.

Double Dutch Braid

Chase Kusero has done a lot with his #1 client's hair already, but has he ever put a casual basket weave up in thurr? No.

Ultimate Bedhead

Low man-bun business in the back, untamed tornado party in the front. We approve.

Whimsical Flower Braid

If he ever feels a strong nostalgia for his days spent roaming the dusty fields of Coachella, incorporating a few well-placed flowers into his braided 'do would take him right back to festival season.

Daisy Top Knot

Top knots are cool and all, but what about DAISY top knots? Def the coolest of all.

Hair Bow

Take some pointers from fellow musician Lady Gaga, Jared — you can never go wrong with a hair bow.

Ombré Pigtails

This style will instantly make anyone the coolest kid in kindergarten--er, we mean Hollywood.

"I Just Went Hiking" Waves

Jared Leto seems like the kind of guy who'd enjoy a long hike, so next time, instead of climbing down the side of the mountain, he should just roll. He'll end up with a hairstyle worthy of Mother Nature herself.

Rainbow Beard

Don't worry, facial hair! We didn't forget about you! Just in case Jared has to shear his beard as well, this could be the perfect way for him to bid adieu.

Glitter Bomb Beard

We're also a pretty big fan of this shimmery scruff. Combine this with the pastel ombré and Jared would be a living, breathing unicorn. *sheds single tear of joy*

While this news is devastating beyond belief, rest assured the memory of his now-iconic hair will live on forever in (on?) the meticulously mused heads of festival goers for decades to come.

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