Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Video Is 'Life Changing'

Choreographer Laurieanne Gibson opens up about Gaga's vision for the song and video on 'The Seven.'

Following Lady Gaga's performance of [article id="1657726"]"Born This Way"[/article] at the [article id="1657848"]Grammy Awards[/article] on Sunday, fans are wondering what they will see in the Nick Knight-directed music video for the feel-good disco track.

"I can't tell you, but I will tell you it is a life-changing experience," Gaga's choreographer [article id="1655285"]Laurieanne Gibson[/article] said on MTV's "The Seven." "You can expect the highest level of execution in vocal music art and dance ... but you will be shocked."

Gibson didn't say whether the video would be an extension of Gaga's performance of Sunday night, but she did go into further detail about what she and Gaga and the entire Haus of Gaga had in mind when conceiving the idea of her hatching from an egg on the Grammy stage.

"Well, actually it's a vessel. When Gaga played me the record, it took me quite some time to feel the direction and the inspiration, and when she played it for me two weeks later, I was like, 'I think I got it.' I said, 'We have to birth a new race, a race that cannot hate.' And, of course, as genius as she is, she runs with it."

[article id="1658027"]Gaga[/article] revealed that she spent 72 hours inside the vessel, and Gibson explained that precautions were taken to make sure she'd be safe in there. "We made sure the Lady was not suffocating with an oxygen tank in there while incubating, checking her new DNA, which was producing this new race," she explained. "This race does not give up and does not give in.

"When you try to break this performance down, it minimizes the message," she added. "It's about the vocal performance while dancing the amazing choreography. It feels like a standalone dance piece, a standalone theatrical moment. The organ that was our church moment, our freeing moment, a call to arms."